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What Is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee got its name not because the coffee beans were magically grown by Smurfs, although that would be an interesting story to tell the kids, it is named as such because the coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. 

The Blue Mountain is the highest mountain in Jamaica. The Jamaican’s call it so because of its blue haze that can only be seen from afar and has been attributed to an oil-rich forest on the peak of Mount Portland. 

The mountain has a forest of eucalyptus trees growing that emits a large amount of oil into the atmosphere. The eucalyptus oils, dust particles, and vapor when combined triggers an optical illusion of a blue haze as the sunlight hits it.

The Blue Mountain is a perfect place to grow Arabica beans because of the region’s warm and humid climate. The mountain sits 7,500 feet above sea level which allows for an ideal growth environment that can be found in a few other places around the world.

What is a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of the world’s most delicious coffee beans. The rich soil and climate provide an environment for some of nature’s finest to grow, including this rare and sought-after bean from Jamaica. This black gold has won awards all over the globe with its mild flavor without any bitterness present at all!

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee grows in only one location on earth, making it very hard to find but easy enough when you know where it comes from. It was not until 1728 AD did anyone ever drink or enjoy this special kind of brew because there were no mills around nearby so as they dried out, they lost their flavor too quickly.

Although the Jamaican variant grows in this one location, Blue Mountain coffee itself is actually grown in other locations around the world, in volcanic soil. It is most popular in Jamaica and this variety has a more lucrative taste. 

The blue coffee of Jamaica has gained a reputation that it has created a name globally and is one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees. Almost all the production of blue mountain coffee is exported to Japan. 

Because of its reputation, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is globally protected by a certification mark. This means that only coffee that is certified by the Jamaica Commodities Regulatory Authority can label the coffee as such. 

What makes the coffee notorious for its distinct flavor is the combination of climate and soil that Blue Mountain boasts.

How Did Blue Mountain Coffee start?

The Jamaican Blue Mountains were first planted because King Louis of France loved coffee. The story goes that he sent three coffee plants to Martinique, a French colony and 5 years later the Governor of Jamaica Sir Nicholas Lawes received one from him as a gift. From there the coffee began to be cultivated and harvested in Jamaica. 

However, coffee production in Jamaica didn’t have a good start. It came into a decline in 1943 when Canada declined the export due to its poor quality. Because of this, the government in Jamaica stepped in to help the coffee industry get back to its feet and thus the birth of the Coffee Industry Board. 

Now, it’s so rare that only about 1% of coffee you find on a grocery store shelf is this type. You can tell it apart because it’s packaged with a green-and-gold label and will say “Jamaican Blue Mountain” somewhere on the package.

You may wonder why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is so expensive, and that’s because of the area it’s grown in and the short supplies. The production amount isn’t going to be as high as a whole region which makes the coffee more sparse. Equally, this coffee can only be grown in volcanic soil which makes it more lucrative.

Reasons Why You Should Try Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

1. The Cultivation and Love Put into Growing the Coffee is Exceptional

If you’ve ever driven into the high roads of the mountain above Kingston, you’ll feel the air getting colder and the cold mist veiling over your entire body and see clouds of haze bathing into the valleys. 

What makes the coffee-growing unique in Jamaica compared to other coffee-producing countries is that it takes about twice as long for the coffee plants to bloom until harvest. The cool condition of the Blue Mountain takes the coffee 10 months to complete the process. This gives Blue Mountain Coffee its distinct taste. 

2. You’re Guaranteed That Every Bag You Get is of the Highest Quality

Did you know that only 85% of the processed beans are approved to be exported? The Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica goes through an extensive inspection for any defects and is graded according to size. If the bean size is too big or too small, they are automatically rejected for export and can only be kept for domestic use. 

You might think that machines do all the work of sorting out which one is good for export and which is not, but not in Jamaica. This is one of the reasons why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is expensive because the beans are sorted by hand, but with this, you’re assured to only be getting the best quality. 

Jamaicans know that they have a quintessential coffee bean, and they have to go through great heights to protect what they have and to assure every coffee lover that the beans are always of quality. 

3. Even the Most Notorious Coffee Growers in Jamaica are not Safe from Rejections

Jamaica’s Coffee Industry Board is dead set on their coffee standards that if a processor wants to export their coffee, it has to undergo scrutiny and evaluation by the Coffee Industry Board. They do a blind test wherein three cuppers taste each of the coffee. 

Before any taste testing is done, the beans are first inspected in both their green and roasted state. After the physical and taste test is done, the cuppers do a detailed evaluation and give the final verdict if the coffee is good for exportation. 

4. You Know that You’re Getting the Most Unique Palate Experience with Every Cup of Blue Coffee Jamaica

One of the best reasons why you should try blue mountain Jamaica is the flavor. Each cup of Blue Coffee in Jamaica delivers a rich and full-body taste that comes with an exotic and intense aroma. If you want your coffee strong, then this coffee should be at the top of your favorite coffee list. You don’t need much coffee to achieve that strong cup.

Although the coffee is generally strong, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get a well-balanced cup with only a little bit of bitter aftertaste. The coffee is anything but acidic, this means that those heavy coffee drinkers will be pleased with the low acidity of the coffee. 

5. The Way the Coffee Cherries Are Picked is Backbreaking

In most coffee-growing countries, the coffee is predominantly grown either on flatlands. If you’ve seen the Blue Mountain, you’d know that there isn’t a vast expanse of flat land. What the coffee growers do is plant the coffee trees in small groups where the land allows – and the terrain can be as steep as 70 degrees.

This is why you notice Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is expensive compared to other coffees because not only do the growers go into the manual selection of the best beans, but they also have to consider the hazards of picking the coffee cherries. 

Where can I buy Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee?

You can buy Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee from a range of online coffee suppliers, websites like Amazon and eBay, and even stores such as Walmart. Prices will vary depending on the source of the coffee and you should always check to see if it is authentic.

Our top pick is the Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Here are some more places to buy Blue Mountain Coffee:

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