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What is the World’s Strongest Coffee? 10 Top Contenders

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For some people, a regular cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore. Ever since Death Wish started producing highly caffeinated coffee, companies around the world have been challenging each other to get the world’s strongest coffee.

Before we get into the article, you should always consider your health when drinking higher strength coffees. For example, if you drink 7-10 cups of regular coffee a day, don’t drink 7-10 cups of coffee with higher caffeine content. 

In this article we will cover the strongest coffee by caffeine content only. 

How do You Measure Coffee Strength?

People have different views when it comes to defining a strong coffee. So what really makes the coffee strong?

  • Is it the 1:1 ratio of water and coffee?
  • Is it the high caffeine content?
  • Is it the strong aroma and bitter taste?
  • Is it the kind of beans being used?
  • Is it the brewing method used?

Those are all relevant factors to consider but the most important when it comes to strength is the caffeine amount and the roast of the coffee. These measures are what define how strong a cup of coffee is, although some of the other points mentioned above might mislead people into thinking a coffee is strong.

Other factors that can impact a coffee strength:

  • Roast of the Coffee

One thing that is important to consider – The lighter the roast, the stronger the coffee. That may seem misleading but the more you roast coffee beans the more caffeine content is “cooked” out of the bean.

  • Brewing Method 

This is where the ratio of beans to water will come into effect. Obviously, if you brew a coffee that has more water than coffee, you will get a weaker coffee plus a weaker caffeine content in your cup.

  • Amount of Coffee Used

This is an obvious point to make, but it’s one that’s often overlooked. As an example, if you went to a coffee shop, and they made an expresso with 15mg coffee then another shop made it with 20mg of coffee, the second would be stronger.

  • Size of the Grind

It is generally said that the finer the coffee grind you use, the stronger the coffee will be. This wouldn’t be something that is entirely noticeable unless you were taking the time to analyze the exact number of the caffeine content. 

Overall, any of these factors can impact the strength of a coffee, you just need to identify what you are looking for in terms of strength, is it caffeine or flavor. 

Types of Coffee Beans and Caffeine Content

When it comes to measuring caffeine content, the type of bean can play a major role. Not only does the caffeine amount change with the type of bean, but it also depends on the regions and growing process of the coffee.

People might think that there are only two types of coffee beans but there are, in fact, four main types of coffee beans; namely Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Although Arabica and Robusta are the most common coffee beans, Arabica is the one being heavily marketed.

If we went really in-depth then there are probably hundreds of types of coffee but we will stick to the main ones for now.  

Arabica Coffee Bean – Around 1.2% Caffeine

Arabica is the most popular coffee bean out of the 4 types and it’s the most marketed coffee bean. The reason why people choose Arabica is the rich, sweet, delicate flavor of the coffee. It’s known to be less acidic compare to the other types. 

Because of its sweet and delicate taste, once the Arabica brew is blended with milk or creamer, it loses its coffee taste. To achieve that sweet, delicate flavor, the beans have to grow in a particular environment. This is why you notice that most of the Arabica beans are planted in lush areas where rain is exceptionally abundant. 

Robusta Coffee Bean – Around 2.1% Caffeine

Robusta is known to have a stronger, richer taste which is why it lives up to its name – Robusta. It is known that Robusta has superior levels of caffeine content. If the caffeine content is the basis of what makes a coffee strong, then Robusta will be considered as the World’s strongest coffee.

The high caffeine content makes the Robusta considerably invulnerable to environmental factors. This means that the beans can grow in most places and any weather condition.

Liberica Coffee Bean – Around 2.26g Caffeine per 100g

Liberica coffee is a rare coffee bean that has a floral and fruity aroma but with a bold and woody flavor. With its unique flavor and aroma, some people say that either “love it or hate it”. 

Liberica is the third most popular coffee bean and the taste can be likened to Robusta. It is native to Western and Central Africa. It was later on introduced to Southeast Asia when the then-popular Arabica bean was plagued with the coffee rust disease. Now, it’s mainly produced in the Philippines and Malaysia. 

Excelsa Coffee Bean – 60mg Caffeine per 8oz

Excelsa coffee is technically part of the Liberica family but what separates it from the Liberica family is the fruity yet sharp-tasting flavor. Just like Liberica, it’s mostly produced in South Asian countries.

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Which Coffee Has the Highest Caffeine Content?

As mentioned at the start of this article, we are covering the worlds strongest coffee based on caffeine content only. There are many other factors that can define what makes a coffee strong but we will cover that at a later date. 

1. Shock Coffee Ground, The Strongest Caffeinated All-Natural Coffee – 50% more caffeine than premium brands.

This coffee is strictly is very popular and has been featured by major news companies and publishers. They claim it’s one of the “world’s finest energy blend coffees” and it can provide excellent energy through a caffeine kick.

2. Wake the Hell Up Coffee – 300-350 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

Do you feel like you need to Wake the Hell Up in the morning? We have included one of the strongest coffee pods for those in a rush and who don’t have time to brew. The coffee is 100% natural and also comes in a range of flavors and beans/ground coffee if preferred.

3. Coffee SIN Performance Coffee – 928mg caffeine per 16oz

Sin coffee has a huge amount of caffeine in its coffee. They promote various benefits to drinking the coffee including improved memory, more energy, and various other benefits.

4. Death Wish Coffee Co. – 728 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

Death Wish Coffee is created with Arabica and Robusta beans to produce dark roast coffee to give a proper morning boost. The good thing about Death Wish Coffee is that it doesn’t have any bitter taste and that it has a lower acidity level. This is because there are no artificial ingredients added, just high-quality coffee. There was never any doubt that this would be on the world’s strongest coffee list.

5. Biohazard Coffee – 928 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

Biohazard coffee is made from carefully chosen coffee beans. The coffee beans are lightly roasted for maximum caffeine retention and high-quality flavor. Biohazard coffee offers 928mg of caffeine per 12-ounce cup.

6. Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge – 1101 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge is the 4th-runner up when it comes to being the world’s strongest coffee. This coffee is an intense cup with a dangerously rich coffee flavor. Cannonball Coffee is made from Robusta coffee beans which were sourced from Rwanda. 

7. Black Insomnia – 1105 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

Black Insomnia is for those people who think 24-hours in a day is still not enough. It offers an extremely high caffeine content in every cup. Black Insomnia has 1105 mg of caffeine for every 12-ounce cup. The beans are 100% Arabica and Robusta which are roasted in small batches for maximum coffee taste. 

8. High Voltage Coffee (AU)– 1150 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

High Voltage Coffee contains 1150 mg of caffeine per cup. Every cup is a perfectly balanced combination of nutty and dark roast coffee. It has no added ingredients, so every cup is a pure caffeine kick. This coffee is an Australian coffee but you might be able to import it to the USA.

9. The Red Goat Ground Coffee Beans  – 23,900 micro grams caffeine in every gram

Devils Brew Extreme Caffeine is a mixture of strong and bold flavors with nutty undertones. Their coffee is slowly roasted to achieve the highest caffeine level. A good addition to the world’s strongest coffee list.

10. Devil Mountain Coffee Black Label – 1555 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup

Considered to be the strongest coffee in the world, Devil Mountain Coffee Black Label. It contains 1555 mg of caffeine per 12-ounce cup and is certified by USDA organic. Every cup produces a dangerously strong caffeine level. This cup should only be consumed by people with high coffee tolerance and has low sensitivity to caffeine.

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