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7 Best Coffee Shops West Palm Beach

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West Palm Beach is one of the most popular spots in Florida. You will find golden beaches, a lively atmosphere, and sun all-year-round. But you will also find a selection of coffee shops to choose from. As there are so many, we thought that we would share the best coffee shops West Palm Beach, to make your decision easier.

The West Palm Beach area is full of coffee shops that provide both an excellent atmosphere and a high-quality cup of joe. Some of these locations actually roast their coffee in-house, which means that you will get a unique flavor and guaranteed fresh coffee every time.

If you’re in the West Palm Beach area and looking for a great spot to get your caffeine fix, these 10 coffee shops are the best places in town. They offer beach coffee vibes, exceptional menus, and diverse coffee roasts, but most of all, they offer something for everyone.

The 7 Best Coffee Shops in West Palm Beach

1. Subculture Coffee Roasters

Hours: 7am – 10pm

Location: 509 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach

Contact Number: (561) 318-5142

Enjoy an artisan roasted coffee at Subculture Coffee Roasters, a coffee house that prides itself in its flavorful coffee. They roast in small batches to keep the full-bodied and fresh flavor of the coffee. 

Subculture Coffee is committed to harboring and connecting a diverse community of coffee lovers. The founders, Rodney and Sean, say that their coffee story is not something unique, but what makes them stand out is the care they put into making coffee. This is the reason why, whether you order early in the morning or late at night, you’ll get the most amazing, high-quality coffee drink.

2. Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House & Café

Hours: 7am – 10pm

Location: 401 South Dixie Highway #3, West Palm Beach

Contact Number: (561) 808-5090

Get a taste of Sweden’s most environmentally friendly coffee at Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House & Café. This coffee house boasts both high-end European flair and a laid back atmosphere, perfect for West Palm Beach. Not only do they serve organic, fair trade, Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee, and tea, but you get to experience an authentic Scandinavian meal from breakfast till dinner time. 

3. Oceana Coffee Cafe

Hours: 7am – 5pm

Location: 150 US-1 #1, Tequesta

Contact Number: (561) 768-7887

One of Florida’s original coffee roasters, Oceana Coffee brews specialty, fair trade, single-origin, and organic coffee. To make sure that their beans are always fresh, they always roast in small batches at their roasting house in Tequesta. 

Their signature style of roasted coffee is medium-roast. As one of the best coffee shops West Palm Beach, you can enjoy a cup of joe in with good beach vibes and great customer service. 

4. Blue Mountain Coffee House

Hours: 8am – 5 pm

Location: 540 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach

Contact Number: (561) 318-7296

Enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and great customer service while enjoying high-quality coffee at Blue Mountain Coffee House. They serve the world popular Blue Mountain coffee and have a traditional brewing technique to give your coffee the best flavor. As an internationally renowned coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee is known to have a smooth coffee taste with less bitterness.  

5. Common Grounds Brew & Roastery

Hours: 7am – 8pm

Location: 12 South J Street, Lake Worth Beach

Contact Number: (561) 318-8980

If you’re looking for a great place to unwind while enjoying a good cup of coffee then head out to Common Grounds Brew & Roastery. They are a specialty coffee roasters with a vision “To be a place where people are inspired to build a stronger community every time they visit.

6. Salento Coffee Shop

Hours: 7am – 4pm (M-Th); 2pm (F); 8:30am – 2pm (Sat)

Location: 120 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 105, West Palm Beach

Contact Number: (561) 841-6138

At number 6 of the best coffee shops in West Palm Beach, is Salento Coffee. Try out their premium Columbian coffee specialties like the Cerrerito (Columbian espresso sweetened with unrefined sugar cane), and the Tinto (an old-fashioned brewed coffee made with 100% Columbian Arabica blend). You will find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in a great location.

7. Composition Coffee House

Hours: 7am – 6pm (M-F); 8:30am – 5pm (Sat)

Location: 2606 Florida Ave, West Palm Beach

Contact Number: (203) 258-9944

Composition Coffee House takes pride in their specialty coffee. Joshua Korman, the owner of Composition Coffee House has a passion for serving his community, which is demonstrated through the quality of coffee he crafts and creates in his coffee house.  

The Final Sip

Those are the 7 best coffee shops West Palm Beach, FL. There are of course many more to choose from, and you might enjoy a different atmosphere than these 7 provide. If you have any top picks, let us know in the comments below.

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