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Best Coffee Blogs | 20 Top Picks

Coffee blogs are more than just a blog, they provide education, experiences, and an insight into new and innovative coffee creations. There are thousands of popular coffee blogs out there, each one providing a different and unique outlook on coffee. Whether it’s different recipes, manual coffee brewing only, or specialty coffee, there is always space for new content relating to coffee. Even though we are a coffee blog, we still enjoy reading other blogs and these are our top 20 of the best coffee blogs.

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1. Sprudge

Keep up-to-date with the latest news in the coffee industry with Sprudge, one of the leading and best blogs on the web. Get the coffee scoop from the world’s most important baristas, bartenders, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, small business owners, artists, chefs, and cafe creators. Enjoy a whole range of other features on this popular coffee blog.   

2. HomeGrounds

If you are looking for coffee content that will help you brew high-quality and great-tasting coffee at home then HomeGrounds is it. You will find useful brewing guides, techniques, how-tos, and information on different types of coffee and devices. We highly recommend you check out HomeGrounds!

3. Daily Coffee News

Daily Coffee News is one of the best coffee blogs packed full of useful content and has been operated by Roast Magazine since 2012. Read the latest news in the coffee world and check out great articles on coffee types and roasting methods. Daily Coffee News’s goal is to support and promote the growth of the specialty coffee industry and the people within the industry.  

4. Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle provides coffee classes to baristas, coffee specialists, and coffee lovers. It is one of the leading coffee and barista learning platforms online. But they also have a coffee blog that is full of unique content focusing on the world of coffee.

5. Perfect Daily Grind

The Perfect Daily Grind delivers the most informative coffee content globally with articles published in three different languages (English, Portuguese, and Spanish). This publication launched in January 2015, and from the start, they have been a rich source of coffee facts for coffee farmers, producers, roasters, and coffee lovers. 

6. Roasty Coffee 

Created by Matt Giovanisci back in 2015, Roasty Coffee has now grown into one of the largest coffee communities online. Ranging from coffee-obsessed individuals to baristas, their main goal is to influence impatient coffee drinkers and convince them that the only way to brew coffee is the “slow way”. You will find expert guides, reviews, and much more.

7. The Coffee Compass

Have a hard time navigating your way into coffee? Coffee Compass will help you with everything you need to know about specialty coffee. Coffee Compass is managed by two amazing coffee enthusiasts, Michael Butterworth (a frequent contributor to Fresh Cup magazine).

8. Bean Ground

If you want to get more information about the world of coffee or step-by-step guides on coffee brewing, let Mark Morphew help you with it. He is the founder of Bean Ground which produces useful articles on different coffee gear, how to brew, types of beans, and much more. One of the best coffee blogs worth checking out.

9. The Coffeetographer

If you want to get more inspired by coffee, then check out The Coffeetographer. Learn more about the culture and community of coffee through the lens. You’ll see several pictures and sections on art, fashion, music, and film that highlights the world of coffee. A truly unique blog and definitely worth checking out.

10. Coffee Affection

Coffee Affection aims to help readers level up their barista skills​. They publish blogs on a daily basis and coffee on all different topics including brewing, roasting, and coffee gear. The blog has contributors from a variety of coffee backgrounds including coffee scientists and baristas, so you know that you are getting the best guides.

11. Manual Coffee Brewing

Manual Coffee Brewing is independently run by “John, a husband, father of two, and an air traffic controller” who shares a deep passion for manual coffee brewing. You will find various articles covering product reviews, unique manual coffee brewings, and brewing guides. This blog aims to provide content that “is approachable to the novice coffee enthusiast yet still interesting for the coffee connoisseur.”

12. Coffee Beans Delivered

Coffee Beans Delivered actually sell their own coffee but also runs a pretty awesome coffee blog on their site. You will find articles packed full of useful tips, brewing guides, recipes, and much more. It’s a great place for coffee beginners to learn and coffee experts to enjoy. 

13. Coffee Cantata

Coffee Cantata is a unique coffee blog experience run by a freelance musician called Margaret. You will find detailed reviews of coffees that are split up by regions, in-depth brewing guides, and a range of other topics all split up by brewing device or region. This is one of the best coffee blogs you need to check out!

14. Coffee Review

Coffee Review has been going since 1997, so you can be sure they know their stuff! They attract over 1 million readers every year focusing on specialty coffee with the aim to drive more demand to coffee farmers so they can increase their prices. You will find unique articles on coffee tasting, and other equipment/review articles. If you seek superior coffee, this is the coffee blog for you.

15. The Way to Coffee

A useful and informative coffee blog that focuses on tools, brewing guides, and popular locations in different countries. Our favorite part about The Way to Coffee is the detailed guides for the best coffee in popular city locations. It’s great for those who like to experience fresh coffee in different cultures.

16. European Coffee Trip

If you’re looking for the best coffee in Europe then this blog is where you need to go. Broken down by European cities, you will find coverage of various cafes and roasters in each city. So if you are traveling somewhere and want the best coffee, you have a ‘coffee travel guide’ ready to take with you. Check out European Coffee Trip today!

17. I Need Coffee

I Need Coffee is packed with articles from various coffee lovers providing tips, reviews, and in-depth brewing guides. This coffee blog is great for beginners who are looking to get started with different brewing techniques.

18. Brew Coffee at Home

If you are looking for general guides on what coffee to purchase and which machines suit your budget then Brew Coffee at Home is the best coffee blog for you. You can find articles on different brewing devices, brewing methods, and coffee types.

19. Atlas Coffee Club

One of the best coffee blogs is the Atlas Coffee Club. It covers everything about coffee with a focus on travel/coffee too. You will find useful guides on different brewing devices, where to find the best coffee in the world, and reviews on select coffee products. 

20. The Finest Roast

We couldn’t make a best coffee blog list without including our own, could we? Independently run, The Finest Roast publishes content aimed at beginners in the coffee world. This includes coffee guides, brewing guides, recipes, and machine or equipment reviews. We aim to bring beginners and unaware coffee lovers into the world of coffee to experience the wonders it can bring.

The Final Sip

That’s our list of the best coffee blogs; this list will be updated regularly with new and exciting coffee blogs for you to check out. If you think your coffee blog should be on the list, please contact us and tell us why!

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