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What is Proffee Cofffee? | The Complete Guide

Protein and coffee mixture Proffee

TikTok has led to some inventive creations and hacks when it comes to food and drink, some extremely tasty and useful, others that make you question humanity. The new TikTok Proffee trend, however, could be a game-changer. This mixture of protein and coffee (hence the name Proffee) is exactly how it sounds. Do you know what is proffee coffee? If not, keep reading.

Whilst it might sound like a useful drink to have for your pre-workout, many doctors and health experts are warning against the Proffee trend. The reasoning behind this is that it can lead to irregular heart rhythms, dangerously high sugar intake, and increased caffeine intake. 

There are of course already protein iced coffees on the market, but these are tested and sampled under controlled environments. Following a trend a TikTok, you don’t really know the true extent of the ingredients and chemicals you are putting in your body with Proffee.

So is it actually bad for you? How do you make a Proffee? Let’s get into the details.

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What is Proffee Coffee?

Proffee is a recently invented drink that combines coffee with protein powder or supplements. The drink started as a TikTok trend and has since gone viral. Some variations of the drink have included protein milk rather than powders, but the original trend is coffee and protein powder.

The main process of making a Proffee is to add a scoop of protein powder to an expresso, which is then poured onto ice, making the iced protein coffee mixture. It can be made with any coffee and any protein powder if you choose. You could make a black coffee with vanilla protein powder or a latte with matcha protein powder. The mixtures are endless.

Whilst this is a relatively new trend, we can expect to see other coffee concoctions making their way on TikTok such as the Dalgona coffee

What Are the Benefits of Proffee?

Proffee is a new coffee mixture and the benefits are unclear. However, we know that coffee has a range of antioxidants available and protein powders have varying benefits, so this leads to an assumption that Proffee would be highly beneficial.

Due to the fact that a company or regulating board has not tested this mixture, there could be side effects or lasting effects on the body. However, users from TikTok are claiming that Proffee increases energy levels and improves calorie burning in the body, an essential goal for gym users.

Assuming that Proffee is not harmful, it would be right to assume that:

  • Weight loss can be boosted as coffee is rumored to slightly increase weight loss.
  • Energy levels would increase due to the caffeine and protein ingredients.
  • Protein consumption would help repair muscles for recovery. 
  • Antioxidants from the coffee would help the body against free radicals.
  • Could provide pre workout boosts.

These would be the benefits of each ingredient separately, Proffee could have a different effect as combining the two can lead to different reactions. 

Is Proffee Dangerous?

A number of doctors and dietitians are claiming that this TikTok coffee trend is bad for you. Due to the caffeine and sugar contents, it is said that Proffee can lead to irregular heart rhythms and can have serious side effects on the body.

It also depends on how you make your Proffee and how you drink it. The thing to remember is that the more expresso shots you have, the more caffeine content is in your coffee. Then if you add sugar as a sweetening agent, plus the sugars and contents of the protein powder, you are creating a potent energy drink that could stay in your system for hours. This also doesn’t include adding any form of milk, that also contains sugars.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t drink Proffee, but more to be sensible and start out with caution. If you are going to make one, stick to the Proffee recipe below and maybe try half at a time to see how you get on.

How to Make Proffee

There will be many variations to making a Proffee coffee, you can experiment with different flavors, milks, consistencies, to find the best variation of this coffee trend.

Proffee (TikTok Coffee)

The viral coffee from TikTok, Proffee. A mixture of protein and coffee.
Prep Time3 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Total Time8 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Coffee, Proffee, TikTok
Servings: 1 Cup
Calories: 250kcal
Cost: $30


  • Cup
  • Mixing Container
  • Coffee Brewing Equipment


  • 1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder Choose a flavor based on your preference.
  • 1-2 Shots Espresso One shot is recommended.
  • 1 Handful Ice Cubes
  • 1 Cup Water/Milk Add if needed to loosen the mixture.
  • 1 Dash Syrup If required. Not recommended.


  • Brew your favored coffee. This can be done in any way you wish. With a French Press, Keurig, or pre-made coffee.
  • Mix the coffee with the scoop of protein or pre-made protein drink. Check the consistency and add water/milk as necessary.
  • Get your cup and add the handful of ice cubes. Pour the coffee and protein mixture over the ice.
  • Taste your coffee and add syrup or sweetner if necessary, don't forget to stir.

Should Proffee be Your New Workout Drink?

As the benefits and health effects of Proffee are unclear, it would be sensible to keep your protein drinks separate from your daily coffee. After all, the flavors of coffee are ruined when you add the flavors of WHEY protein to it. 

If you are looking for a new boost to your pre-workout or an effective recovery drink, you can give it a try and see how it affects you, but pay attention to your body and perhaps try half of the recipe. 

We don’t recommend drinking Proffee if you have heart problems or diabetes.

The Final Sip | What is Proffee Coffee

TikTok never fails to provide a new trend or craze but not all of them are effective. This is a strange one to try and could be your new go-to workout drink, but be careful to evaluate the risks before drinking this mixture. 

Remember, you can purchase protein coffees online and in-stores that have been tested! Learn more about types of coffee here.

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