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What is Top of the Mornin Coffee?

Top of the mornin

If you live in Ireland then you should already know about Top of the Mornin Coffee and the unique story behind it. For the rest of the world, it may not be a coffee brand that is commonly talked about. In this article, we are going to take a look at everything you need to know about Top of the Mornin Coffee.

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What is Top of the Mornin Coffee?

Top of the Mornin Coffee is a brand of coffee that was created by a legendary Irish Youtuber, Sean Williman McLoughlin a.k.a. JackSepticEye. The coffee beans are specialty grade with 100% organic Arabica beans. To ensure the taste profile of the coffee is consistent, they only source it from an ethical supply chain from the farmers.

Who is Behind Top of the Mornin Brand?

The man behind the Top of the Mornin Brand is Sean William McLoughlin, better known as JackSepticEye. If you don’t know who JackSepticEye is, here is a quick summary of who this legend is. 

  • He has around 27 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.
  • He has around 13 billion lifetime views.
  • He has the most-subscribed Irish channel.
  • He has just stream with AOC.

JackSepticEye is an Irish YouTuber and is considered one of the most iconic YouTube creators ever. He joined YouTube on February 24, 2007, but he did not begin uploading his videos until 2012 November. He began working and uploading on his channel posting gameplay videos under the name JackSepticEye. 

It was only until 2013 when PewDiePie (Swedish YouTuber and comedian) mentioned him that his channel began to gain an upsurge of subscribers from his original 2,500 to 15,000 in just a span of four days. From there it was continuous growth and success.

Story Behind the Name JackSepticEye?

When Sean was still young, his mother used to call him Jack as a nickname. When he was still young, he got into an accident playing football causing him to get an eye injury. The eye injury was bad that it got infected. From then, his friends from school started calling him Septiceye. 

Apparently, the name stuck and his friends just placed together Septiceye and Jack (his childhood nickname) and thus the birth of now his famous alias, JackSepticEye.

Top of the Mornin Products

When it comes to Top of the Mornin products, they don’t only sell coffee beans but they also offer hot chocolate mix (with double chocolate or peppermint chocolate option), and cold brew. Aside from the drinks they sell, they also offer Top of the Mornin Official Tshirt and Gift Card. 

Top of the Mornin Coffee Beans

The coffee beans that they sell can either be bought as whole beans or pre-grounded depending on the buyer’s preference. But for optimal flavor and coffee quality, they highly recommend buying the beans instead. This is because some of the oils present in the beans start to weaken and waste away. You can buy a grinder online or you can simply use grinding hacks.

In order to keep the quality, Top of the Mornin coffee beans are roasted in small batches right before they ship the product insuring that every bean sold is of the highest quality. 

When it comes to the sourcing of coffee beans, Top of the Mornin prefers to collaborate with family-owned farms or coops which offer responsibly, ethically, and sustainably sourced beans. The reason why Top of the Mornin prefers family-owned farms is that they want to create a deeper connection with them and know more about their story.

Top of the Mornin’s current blend is a specialty grade, Colombia single-origin bean which is 100% organic.

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Top of the Mornin Cold Brew

Another great addition to Top of the Mornin product is their Cold Brew. Cold Brew is commonly characterized as iced coffee because of how it’s being marketed but it is much more than just your regular iced coffee. 

The difference between iced coffee and cold brew is how the coffee is extracted and the water temperature used. Iced coffee is just regular coffee that is cooled down and poured with iced. The coffee extraction method used is near boiling temperature. In Cold Brew, instead of relying on water temperature to extract coffee, it uses time (at least 4 hours)

You can either drink Top of the Mornin Cold Brew as straight coffee but you can choose to reduce the coffee strength with either water, ice, or cream.

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Top of the Mornin Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot Chocolate Mix or popularly known as hot cocoa or drinking chocolate is a hot drink that contains melted chocolate or cocoa powder, milk, and some shaved chocolate. With Top of the Mornin Hot Chocolate Mix, you don’t have to worry about looking for cocoa powder or milk since all the ingredients are already present in the mix.

Top of the Mornin Hot Chocolate Mix is a rich chocolate drink to make your day sweeter. You can either choose the double chocolate mix or peppermint chocolate mix.

What Sets Top of the Mornin Brand Apart from Other Coffee Brands

Sean has been known to organize fundraisers to benefit a lot of organizations. One of the foundations that he helps promote is the #HopeFromHome fundraiser.

Now that he has his own coffee brand, Sean continues to give help to people who need them the most. Top of the Mornin Coffee is proud to work together with the Feya Foundation. Feya Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to connect communities through volunteer work and aims to fight world hunger.

For every order made, Top of the Mornin donates a meal. Sean has decided to double the meal donation that for 10,000 orders, he’s going to give out 20,000 meals.

You too can help feed the less fortunate. With every purchase made, you’re able to give out a free meal. To get the most out of your Top of the Mornin experience, you can subscribe and have the coffee beans sent to you regularly.

You either can set how many times you want to receive an order or how many bags of coffee you need. By subscribing, not only are you going to enjoy 25% off for every shipment made but you’re able to enjoy 50% off on your first order. 

The Final Sip

Now you know what Top of the Mornin Coffee is, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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