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Zeke’s Coffee | Everything You Need to Know

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Zeke’s Coffee is owned by Thomas Rhodes, known as the man with tattoos, ear piercings, and the very iconic gray goatee. The name Zeke from Zeke’s coffee is from Thomas’ childhood nickname, which his father dubbed him. Thomas worked as a barista in Fellas Point at the Daily Grind before he created his own coffee company. 

The initial reason Thomas started his coffee business was to sell locally roasted coffee. The first coffee he sold was a one-pounder coffee roast at Baltimore Farmer’s Market. From there, his coffee business boomed and Zeke’s coffee has branched out in Baltimore’s Hamilton area, Rhodes, Washington, and Pittsburgh. 

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Is Zeke’s Coffee Organic?

Zeke’s coffee specializes in organic and locally roasted coffee with specialty-grade Arabica beans. They also are fair trade certified. This means that the coffee farmers and processors are given the opportunity to sell their products at better prices. These coffee farmers have better control over their livelihood.

Zeke’s coffee does not only give importance to the quality of their beans but also treats their suppliers with great significance, which is why they only source their beans directly from the family-owned coffee farms.

How Good is Zeke’s Coffee?

Zeke’s coffee is rated as good amongst users. They have a selection of great-tasting coffee types with various roasts. 

So how good is Zeke’s coffee? As a user mentioned on Tripadvisor, “Zeke’s Coffee is flavorful, rich, bold, and we love the variety of their coffees! We’ve tried many coffees and consider ourselves to be coffee snobs, and Zeke’s is simply the best.”  

Tunaidi, a Tripadvisor user also noted that “Zeke’s Roastery produces the best coffee beans in the Baltimore area. As such, obviously, their coffee is equally fantastic.”

Zeke’s Café

Choose to relax and have a perfectly blended coffee at any of Zeke’s Café located in Baltimore and Washington, DC. Even though Zeke’s coffee already has established permanent physical café’s, but they still participate in a number of several farmers’ markets. This is a way for Thomas Rhodes to show tribute to his humble beginning at Baltimore Farmer’s Market. 

If you’re too far from the café or farmer’s market but would still love to taste Zeke’s coffee, then head out to their website and check out their subscription service. Sign up and have your coffee fix delivered straight to your doorstep, so you can fuel your mornings with Zeke’s coffee. 

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What on the Zeke’s Menu?

Zeke’s Menu is more than just plain coffee, it’s an array of perfectly roasted coffee beans. Zeke’s coffee has a long list of assortments to choose from, including lightly roasted conventional coffee beans to the darkest roasted espresso beans.

Conventional Coffee Blend 

Zeke’s coffee menu has 6 different blends you can choose from, and each of the blends comes with different coffee options. 

The first blend is called a conventional coffee blend which is sold for $16; It consists of Bird City Blend, Charm City Blend, French Roast, Herring Run Roast, Little Italy Roast, Market Blend, Tell-Tale Dark, ½ and ½ Charm City Blend, and their most famous direct blend Honduras Marcala Lenca. 

Honduras Marcela Lenca is a medium-light roasted coffee bean. It’s a product originating from Marcala, Honduras, and is directly traded by Zeke’s coffee from their friends, The Garcias. One interesting fact about the farmers, Lenca farmers, is that they came from the indigenous Lenca Tribe.

Espresso Coffee Blend

IF you prefer your cup of joe to be strong that gives a kick, then the next blend is for you, Zeke’s espresso blend. This blend consists of darker roasted beans with a powerful but smooth crema finish. Choose from Gunpowder Espresso, Mobtown Espresso, 1812 Espresso, and Shot Tower Espresso. 

Decaffeinated Coffee Blend

For coffee lovers who prefer the coffee taste without the caffeine, then Zeke’s decaffeinated coffee blend is perfect for you. Their decaffeinated coffee blend is sold at $17 per pack, and you can choose between Decaffeinated Charm City Blend, Decaffeinated Market Blend, Decaffeinated French Roast, and Decaffeinated Italian Roast.

Sustainable Coffee Blend

The next blend in Zeke’s menu is called sustainable coffee. Sustainable coffee is coffee that is grown in a natural environment where chemicals and other harmful substances are absent. Sustainable coffee also means that the coffee farmers and processors are not exploited, but instead well taken care of. 

The sustainable coffee blend is sold at $16 per pack which consists of rich blends from Indonesia, Central and South America, Columbia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Peru, and Papua New Guinea. Choose from Armistead’s Blend, Bali-Timor, Gans’ Knockout Roast, Hippie Blend, Montebello Reserve, and Royal Blue Blend. 

Seasonal Coffee Blend

Zeke’s menu also provides seasonal blends perfect for any time of the year. This summer, they are offering two seasonal blends, the Beans of Summer which is a light blend of Indonesian, Central, South American beans. This blend provides a smooth and perfectly balanced cup of joe which is great for the hot summer vibe.

They also offer Brewed X which is a once every 17-years blend, and it is a combination of French Roast and Ethiopian beans.

Zeke’s Coffee Blue Pit BBQ Coffee Rub

As mentioned, Zeke’s coffee not only sells coffee beans, but they’ve also branched out to a different product. If you love the taste of coffee and have an appetite for barbecue, then you’d probably love Zeke’s coffee rub. Zeke’s Coffee has partnered with Blue Pit BBQ to create a coffee rub that is perfect for all kinds of meat. Zeke’s Coffee Blue Pit BBQ Coffee Rub is only $10.      

Subscription Service

Zeke’s Coffee offers 4 subscription options that will deliver freshly roasted coffee right to your doorstep. Choose from a 3-month subscription for only $64.50, 6-month subscription for only $129.00, 9-month subscription for only $193.50, or 12-month subscription for only $258.00

The Final Sip

For coffee lovers looking to expand their coffee palette, especially those people who desire darker roast coffee beans, then you should definitely check out Zeke’s coffee. Visit any of Zeke’s café which is open 7 days a week or head out to their find us page to know which farmer’s market in the Baltimore area they participate in.

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