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15 Best Decaf Coffees in 2022

The popularity of decaf coffee is on the rise. Many people cut out caffeine for health reasons, to get better sleep, or just to cut it out in general. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the taste of decaf coffee. However, more brands are focusing on producing better quality decaf beans/grounds so that you don’t have to sacrifice taste over caffeine. We have rounded up the best decaf coffee in 2022.

A note from the editor – “Our team works hard to research, test, and review products we include on our lists to give our readers the best options. We also may include affiliate links which means we earn a small commission on purchases made through these links.”

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What is Decaf Coffee

Decaf or decaffeinated coffee is the process of removing caffeine from coffee beans. However, it is not possible to remove the entire caffeine content and traces will still remain, although in small amounts. Find out more about why decaf coffee is different. There are currently 3 different methods in making decaffeinated coffee:

  • Swiss Water Method – Involves soaking beans in water to filter the caffeine out.
  • Methyl Chloride – Uses chemicals to remove the caffeine
  • Carbon Dioxide – Uses carbon dioxide to seperate caffeine from the beans.

Why Choose Decaf Coffee

There are many reasons why someone might consider a switch to decaf, mainly it’s due to insomnia or doctors’ orders. You can also check out this article on is decaf coffee bad for you? Here are some of the most popular reasons:

  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Health issues
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Change in diet

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Best Decaf Coffee in 2022

1. Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee – $31.99

This deep, dark, and delicious drink offer dark chocolate sweetness with hints of roasted hazelnuts. It’s made from 100% Arabica beans and it is certified organic, Fair Trade, and committed to being sustainable.

This coffee is roasted to perfection and has a rich, dark chocolate flavor with hints of cacao nibs, brown sugar, and roasted hazelnuts. It’s perfect for any time of day and can be enjoyed via your favorite brew method. Plus, with up to 40 minutes of fade-free power, it’s easy to keep your energy up all morning long.

Swiss Water Process

2. Lifeboost Coffee Decaf Coffee – $27.95

Lifeboost coffee is known for its low acidity and rich flavor qualities. It’s USDA certified organic, 3rd party-tested, and the beans are ethically sourced. It is coffee is grown in the mountains of Central America at a high elevation, and it’s shade-grown to ensure the birds stay happy.

Plus, each bean is hand-selected to ensure purity. And our decaf coffee is naturally decaffeinated using spring water, so you can enjoy cup after delicious cup with zero stomach discomfort.

Swiss Water Process

3. Peet’s Coffee Decaf Dark Roast – $8.98

Made from 100% Arabica beans, with its incomparable world blend of rich, complex, and full-bodied flavors, Peet’s Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend has become a coffee classic. Hand-roasted in small batches for the richest flavor possible, this dark roast decaf is the perfect choice for those who love great coffee but can’t have caffeine.

Swiss Water Process

4. Don Pablo Columbian Low-Acid Coffee – $21.99

These medium-dark roasted beans offer caramel and cocoa flavors with a hint of citrus. Its artisan is roasted in small batches for optimal freshness. This special mix of Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil produces a medium-dark roast with a smooth finish that’s perfect for any time of day. Plus, it’s GMO free!

5. No Fun Jo Decaf Coffee – $12.99

No Fun Jo coffee is a freshly roasted coffee that is hand-crafted by artisan roasters and features sweet blueberry and milk chocolate undertones. It’s perfect for those mornings when you don’t want any caffeine, but still want a great cup of coffee. Plus, the resealable tin-tie packaging makes it easy to store your coffee away for later.

Swiss Water Process

6. Seattle’s Best Decaf Coffee Portside Blend – $6.99

This well-rounded and smooth flavored coffee is sourced exclusively from Latin America. For optimal taste, keep coffee grounds in a cool, dark place and only use filtered water when brewing. Seattle’s Best Coffee has a new look but the same premium beans, specially roasted for a smooth taste.

The Decaf Portside Blend is now the Signature Blend No. 3 and is a medium roasted, decaffeinated coffee with a well-rounded and smooth flavor. They recommend for the finest taste, use cold, filtered water and store ground coffee in a cool, dark place.

Methyl Chloride Process

7. Volcanica Costa Rican Tarrazu Decaf Coffee – $19.99

This vivacious drink offers a full-bodied, smooth, and well-balanced flavor with notes of chocolate. These coffee beans have been decaffeinated by the Swiss Water process ensuring a completely chemical-free process. Made from beans ethically sourced, you can enjoy all the flavor without worrying about your caffeine intake.

It’s medium roasted and ground just right so you can revel in that chocolatey-smooth taste, bright finish, and balanced flavor. Plus, it’s Rainforest Alliance certified, so you know it comes from a sustainable source. Make every morning special with this delicious coffee.

Swiss Water Process

8. Lion Hawaiian Decaf Coffee – $13.91

This smooth, decaffeinated brew is made from Arabica beans and inspired by the flavors of vanilla and macadamia. It uses the Swiss Water – Chemical Free Decaf process that makes it 99.9% caffeine-free, so you can enjoy every cup guilt-free. Plus, Hawaii’s leading supplier of coffee to the Island’s hotels, restaurants, and retail stores roasts every bag fresh to ensure maximum flavor.

Swiss Water Process

9. Koffee Kult Columbia Decaf Coffee – $39.99

An aromatic drink from start to finish, this coffee bean offers a rich and sweet cup with balanced acidity. The beans are sourced from rich, fertile soil in Colombia and roasted medium to perfection. They have a delicious aroma and balanced acidity, a true gourmet coffee. Plus, the sweet, lingering finish is sure to please.

Swiss Water Process

10. Amazon Fresh Decaf Coffee Colombia Medium Roast – $8.39

A great budget option in the best decaf coffee list, this decaf Colombia coffee is a medium roast that’s balanced and full-bodied with a smooth finish. It’s made of 100% Arabica coffee grown in Colombia and roasted and packed in the U.S.A.

Unknown Process

11. Bulletproof Decaf Coffee Medium Roast – $14.99

Looking for a delicious, medium roast ground coffee that’s also keto-friendly? The Original Ground Decaf Coffee is one of the best decaf coffees for you. This coffee is expertly picked by hand to ensure the highest quality and flavor, and it’s certified clean and sustainable. Plus, it makes for a great jitter-free morning cup of coffee!

Swiss Water Process

12. Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Decaf Coffee – $20.98

This top-quality coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans and has been freeze dried, meaning you can enjoy great coffee flavor whether you’re camping in the woods or just running errands around town. Plus, the resealable bag will help keep your coffee fresh for longer.

Swiss Water Process

13. Original Donut Shop Decaf Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods – $36.74

The Original Donut Shop decaffeinated coffee provides a fresh, bold, and flavorful drink in just one cup. It’s medium roasted to perfection and guarantees it contains none of the 8 major allergens. It is also certified Orthodox Union Koshe and comes in recyclable pods for sustainability.

Unknown Process

14. Volcanica House Decaf Coffee – $19.99

Another one of Volcanica’s bestsellers; Volcanica’s Gourmet Coffee House Decaf Coffee Blend is a medium roasted coffee with a sweet, bold flavor and full, rich body. It’s roasted and packed immediately to ensure that you get the most out of every cup. Best of all, it’s decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, a 100% chemical-free process that delivers coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free while preserving the unique origin characteristics of this Sumatran Mandheling coffee.

Swiss Water Process

15. New England French Vanilla Decaf Coffee – $4.29

Indulge in the rich, creamy flavor of French vanilla without worrying about the caffeine with this deliciously smooth decaf French Vanilla coffee. The small-batch of roasted Arabica beans are masterfully blended to create a balanced flavor that’s perfect for morning coffees or afternoon treats. The coffee is also always gluten free and Certified Kosher.

Unclear Process – Potentially uses a chemical process

The Final Sip

With plenty of choices from this best decaf coffee list, we are sure you will find the perfect blend. If you have any suggestions for decaf coffees that should be on this list, let us know in the comments.

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