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Are Nespresso Pods More Expensive Than Keurig?

With so many options in the market, choosing the best coffee pods might seem like a tough task. But the truth is that the best espresso pods are not difficult to find. You can either go with Nespresso Pods for that perfect cup of coffee or your other favorite brand depending on what you’re looking for. These pods are easy to use and give you a delicious espresso every time!

Nespresso Essentials For The Perfect Cup of Coffee has been designed to provide a wonderfully smooth and rich espresso shot each time you make a cup of coffee. It comes in a range of 18 single-serve capsules which can be reused up to 18 times before they need to be recycled or thrown away.

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Are Nespresso Pods More Expensive Than Keurig?

Nespresso Pods are more expensive than their rival K-Cup pods. Especially when you consider the Vertuo pods, as they are roughly $0.40 per pod more expensive. 

However, even if you purchase the regular range of Nespresso capsules, you will be looking at around $0.70 which is still more expensive than K-Cups. 

What you have to consider though, is that you will still be saving money on coffee if you are switching from buying a coffee from a chain such as Starbucks to pods. 

Nespresso seem to focus more on the quality and sourcing of their coffee capsules, with special ranges and limited editions. Whereas Keurig is more focused on range; they have hundreds of different capsules in collaboration with brands including McDonald’s, Newmans, and Dunkin Donuts.

Note that Keurig K-Cup pods generally product a larger quantity of coffee than Nespresso pods too. 

Why Are Nespresso Pods More Expensive Than Keurig?

There are number of reasons why Nespresso pods are more expensive than Keurig:

Nespresso Pods Can Be Recycled

When it comes to Nespresso pods, the company made sure that you won’t be throwing away your pods every after brew. You have the option to recycle it using Nespresso’s recycling channels. 

They have a free pod-recycling bag with a UPS shipping label so you can ship your used pods straight to Nespresso using any UPS dropbox or store. if you’re a capsule service subscriber, you can easily swap your used pods for new ones. 

Make use of the Nespresso Map Tool to help you locate the nearest site for your used Nespresso pods. 

Nespresso Pods Have Better Quality Coffee

Nespresso pods are known to have better coffee quality with their pods. They have a range of different special origin coffees and limited edition capsules to try. As they are not collaborating with different brands, they can have more quality control over the coffee.

Also, since their machines feature an advanced centrifusion technology that enables higher coffee bean and hot water contact, giving you a bolder cup with a  rich crema on top.

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The Best Nespresso Pods

Nespresso Pods can be a great way to start off with an espresso machine. They are cheaper than the full machines and they’re easier to use. Nespresso pods come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer several types of espressos. 

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1. Intenso – Dense & Deep

Price: $11.00 / sleeve of 10

2. Odacio – Bold & Lively

Price: $11.00 / sleeve of 10

3. Peru Organic – Fruity & Complex

Price: $10.00 / sleeve of 10

4. Bianco Forte – Intense (Best with milk)

Price: $11.00 / sleeve of 10

5. Bianco Leggero – For sweet coffee drinks

Price: $10.00 / sleeve of 10

6. Chocolate Fudge – Round & Smooth

Price: $11.00 / sleeve of 10

7. Ethiopia – Fruity & Floral

Price: $7.20 / sleeve of 10

8. Costa RicaMalty & Sweet

Price: $11.00 / sleeve of 10

The Final Sip

Are Nespresso pods more expensive than Keurig? The short answer is yes. You have to consider the quality of coffee you are getting, the size of the coffee, the range, and ultimately how much you save compared to purchasing coffee from a shop.

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