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7 Reasons Why Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Is the Most Underrated Drink in the USA

Chameleon cold brew coffee bottle

Back in the day, cold brew coffee wasn’t as popular as it is right now. People were so used to the traditional brew or if they want a cold coffee fix, they’d get an iced coffee. The story of Chameleon Coffee started when two coffee connoisseurs from Austin, Texas were determined on perfecting a cold brew coffee recipe and making it the best in the country.

Self-proclaimed coffee geeks and neighbors, Chris Campbell & Steve Williams were so keen on perfecting the formula and brewing method that they did numerous experiments on the perfect combination of the method, brewing time, roasted beans, and brewing temperature. Finding the perfect formula for these variables was important for Chris and Steve since they make up the perfect flavor of the cold brew.

So why is Chameleon Cold Brew the most underrated coffee drink?

1. It’s a Cold Brew Coffee Certified as Having Been Produced to Fair Trade Standards

When a company is certified as having produced coffee to fair trade standards, this means that they offer higher-quality and sustainable trading conditions. Fair Trade certifies and only does business with a company that supports better environmental farming practices.

Fair Trade Certification came into existence in 1988 during a coffee crisis wherein the demand was lesser compared to the supply. 

2. Chameleon Cold Brew is Recognized as an Organic Cold Brew Company

Chameleon Cold brew is recognized as specialty grade and organic. Although specialty-grade coffees are considered to have a high standard, not all specialty-grade coffees are organic. Chameleon uses both specialty grade and organic coffee. 

Organic certification assures the coffee consumers that the coffee is free from any synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering, or pesticides. This is why you’ll notice that Chameleon Cold Brew invests a lot in their coffee producers to ensure that their coffee supply will always be of the highest quality. 

3. Chameleon Coffee’s Majority Stakes Were Acquired by Nestle S.A

Nestle S.A. is a multinational Swiss food and drinks processing corporation which produces baby food, medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, dairy products, and a lot more. 

With the rising popularity of Chameleon Cold Brew, Nestle decided to acquire a majority of Chameleon’s stakes on November 3, 2017. Chameleon Cold-Brew has since become one of the top refrigerated cold brew brands in the country. 

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4. Chameleon Coffee Offers Not Just One Coffee Concentrate but Eight!

Chameleon Coffee is brewed by soaking the specialty grade and organic coffee beans in room-temperature water for at least 12 hours to extract the finest flavors, oils, caffeine in the beans. The best thing about their cold brew coffee concentrate is that it contains only half of the acidity primarily due to the brewing method. 

You can choose to have your Chameleon Coffee hot or cold, mixed with milk, or straight up a cold brew for those who want stronger coffee. Chameleon cold brew is recommended for those people who want a higher caffeine kick. Each bottle contains about 150mg to 250mg of caffeine.

Chameleon coffee offers eight coffee concentrates. Choose from any of the flavors they offer.

  1. Black Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  2. Caramel Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  3. Cinnamon Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  4. Espresso Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  5. Mocha Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  6. New Orleans Style Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  7. Organic Cold Brew Concentrate Churro Coffee
  8. Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

In addition to the coffee concentrates, they also offer whole bean and ground coffee and ready-to-drink coffee, and oat milk lattes for those people who are always on the go. 

5. Chameleon Cold Brew Makes a Strong but Smooth Cup

By now, you already have an idea of how much effort Chris and Steve exerted just to create the perfect coffee cold brew. This would mean that every bottle sold is guaranteed cold brew perfection. Every cup is a sure-fire strong but chocolaty smooth drink. 

Chameleon takes pride in using organic and specialty grade coffee for its cold brew and whole coffee beans. Specialty-grade coffee beans are those that are ranked 80 points and above with a 100-point mark by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). The percentage of specialty-grade coffee makes up only about 15% of the coffee supply. 

6. Chameleon Cold Brew Only Uses Limestone Cured Texas Hill Country Water for the Brewing Process

What is so significant about Texas Hill Country Water? Texas Hill Water is considered one of the purest and healthiest waters in the region. What’s great about Chameleon Cold-Brew is that not only does it use the purest water, but it also takes advantage of the water being limestone cured which gives the water more powerful nutrients. 

We use pure Texas Hill Country water to make our cold-brew coffee, one of the most popular ways to enjoy a cup. A small measure of fresh ground beans and then steeped for 18 hours in the refrigerator creates an intense flavor with fewer acids than hot brewed coffees.”

7. Chameleon Cold Brew Uses 100% Recycles Packaging for its Products

Aside from the best-tasting coffee, Chameleon Cold-Brew is committed to long-term sustainability, protecting both the coffee growers and the country where it’s grown. For the creators of Chameleon Cold Brew, it’s important for them to not only think about the beans they purchase from the small coffee growers but most importantly improve their lives.

Chameleon has a Chameleon Coffee Community Partner Program in Guatemala which has been created to support 400 coffee producing families a better life through increasing coffee purchases, provide farming assistance, and guide these families in growing safe and organic vegetables.

In addition to helping families in Guatemala, they also provide support in Myanmar, Columbia, and Indonesia. 

Where Can You Buy Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee?

Chameleon coffee is available in grocery stores, cafés, and restaurants across the U.S., including Whole Foods Market, Starbucks locations, Caribou Coffee Company locations and more. As one of the nations most popular cold brew coffees, you won’t find it hard to come across.

This is our number one pick which you can purchase here.

Chameleon Cold Brew – Available on Amazon

If you’re one of those people who are slowly switching to cold brew coffee to replace the highly acidic regular coffee, then it’s highly recommended that you try Chameleon Cold Brew. Aside from the bold flavors and aroma it offers, Chameleon coffee also gives that perfect caffeine kick with half of the acidity that’s usually present in regular brewed coffee.

If you’re not a coffee drinker but are still curious to try Chameleon Cold Brew, then you should try the on-the=go lattes for lesser coffee content. You can also choose the coffee concentrate and just dilute the drink with either water or milk depending on your preference. 

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