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What is Chamberlain Coffee?

Organic blend Chamberlain coffee bag

Have you heard about Chamberlain Coffee taking the world by storm and how it’s becoming a coffee trend, not just from her loyal subscribers but also coffee lovers all over the world? The mastermind behind this coffee is Emma Chamberlain, an online influencer.

It is becoming a popular venture for influencers and people with large followings to start coffee brands. Such as the Top of the Mornin Coffee by Irish YouTuber Sean Williman McLoughlin a.k.a. JackSepticEye. When influencers gain popularity, they start to develop financial freedom and increase their networking. In order to spread their income out, they often venture off into clothing brands or beauty lines, but now we are seeing coffee become a trend.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that this coffee is bad or anything should be taken away from it, it could well be the best coffee you have ever tasted! In this article, we will give you the background on Chamberlain Coffee and what to expect.

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Who is Behind Chamberlain Coffee Brand?

Emma Frances Chamberlain is an American influencer. Her first viral video entitled, We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology, became an instant hit when she posted it last July 27, 2017. Her Youtube channel suddenly gained a lot of followers from 4000 to 150,000 in August 2017.

From then on, she rose to fame and was even included in Time Magazine’s list of The Most Influential People On The Internet and in 2020, was included in Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Media category list.

The Chamberlain Coffee brand was launched in December 2019. Emma Chamberlain had been in love with coffee since she was around 10. She has since enjoyed coffee trips with both her parents. Coffee has been a huge part of her life that she decided to share her love for coffee with the world.

What is Chamberlain Coffee?

Chamberlain coffee is made from a freshly roasted Arabica bean that is sustainably sourced from suppliers all across the globe. This includes popular coffee-growing locations like Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Sumatra, Mexico, and many more. 

Chamberlain Coffee is a special grade coffee bean that is Certified Organic and is Fair Trade Certified.

Fair Trade makes sure that the coffee supply is only from coffee farmers who receive a fair and stable wage. When coffee is certified organic, this means that the coffee is grown without any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, often being the healthier option and supporting the environment. 

Another reason why you should love Chamberlain Coffee, even more, is the fact that they only use coffee packaging that is created from environmentally friendly materials, increasing their commitment to the environment and sustainability.

How Much Does Chamberlain Coffee Cost?

1. Cold Brew Starter Pack – $48

The cold brew starter pack includes 10 packs of chamberlain coffee steeped, a stainless steel straw pack, and a cold brew mason jar. With this starter pack, you don’t have to worry about buying a cold brew container since it’s already provided for. The 10 individually packed chamberlain coffee makes a very convenient cup every time because you don’t have to measure and grind your beans. 

2. Family Blend – Coffee Bag – $20

If you’re curious about what coffee started it all, then you should definitely buy this coffee bag. This is the first blend that started the brand. It’s a rich medium roast with a chocolatey flavor. It is made out of 100% Arabica beans. You can choose to buy freshly ground coffee or whole beans. 

3. Social Dog Blend – Coffee Bag – $20

This is made from 100% Arabica beans and is made for sharing. It offers a full-body blend with a note of nuts and chocolate. It’s velvety, it’s sweet, and is medium roasted.

4. Careless Cat Blend – Coffee Bag – $20

This coffee blend offers a calmer version of coffee with half the amount of caffeine. This is best for people who just want to sit and chill at home. This is a medium roast with notes of toasted almonds and semi–sweet chocolates. 

5. Fancy Mouse Espresso Blend – Coffee Bag – $20

Fancy Mouse is an espresso blend with a 5/5 caffeine level. If you want a strong cup of joe that offers a creamy body with dark chocolate and sweet caramel notes, then a fancy mouse espresso blend is great for you. 

6. Early Bird Blend – Coffee Bag – $20

Early bird blend contains 5/5 caffeine content. This blend is great for people who want a good coffee kick. It’s a light roast with hints of bright and sweet notes with subtle flavors of sweet tarts and caramel. 

7. Night Owl Blend – Coffee Bag – $20

If you’re a night owl that loves coffee, then night owl blend is the best option for you. It provides the right cup of coffee but with less caffeine content with only 3/5 caffeine levels. It is a dark roast with a rich and velvety flavor. 

8. Sleepy Sloth Decaf Blend – Coffee Bag – $20

If you’re a coffee lover who loves to drink coffee before going to sleep, then the sleep sloth blend is highly recommended for you. It’s a decaf blend so this means that there’s no caffeine content. 

Aside from selling coffee, Chamberlain Coffee also offers coffee essentials and merch like:

  • Transparent Tumbler – $19
  • Cold Brew Mason Jar – $16
  • Coffee Mug – $17
  • Stainless Steel Straw Set – $12
  • Stainless Steel Straw Full Pack – $39
  • Stainless Steel Straw Family Pack – $15
  • To-Go Cup (15 oz) – $25 
  • To-Go Cup (20 oz) – $28
  • Tote Bag – $19
  • Baseball Cap – $29

All of these items can be found here.

Is Chamberlain Coffee Actually Good?

Chamberlain Coffee offers a very unique taste. If you like an intense chocolate flavor with a strong coffee kick, then you’ll definitely fall in love with Chamberlain Coffee. For those coffee connoisseurs who are curious to try out the coffee beans, then visit the website and purchase your first of many bags.

You can tell that the intent behind this brand is to create good quality coffee, not just to make a quick buck. That’s why you will find that Chamberlain Coffee is good. There is no weakness or half-hearted production like you get with other lesser-known brands. 

What Is the Best Chamberlain Coffee?

There are 7 coffee blends to choose from which include Family Blend, Social Dog Blend, Careless Cat Blend, Fancy Mouse Espresso Blend, Early Bird Blend, Night Owl blend, and Sleepy Sloth Decaf Blend.

The best Chamberlain coffee is probably the Family since this is the coffee blend that started it all. You should purchase one of each, like with any coffee, and try one. Everyone has a different taste pallet, so we might recommend one you hate.

Key Take-Away

If you’re looking into expanding your coffee palate and are searching for a new brand, then you should definitely try out Chamberlain Coffee. It’s not just one blend but 7 different blends you can choose from. It offers decaf blends with 0/5 caffeine content to espresso blends containing 5/5 caffeine levels. 

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