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Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator

Our coffee to water ratio calculator can help you get the perfect ratio for your coffee. Whether it’s the French press, Chemex, or Siphon coffee you are trying to make, just select your desired brew and the coffee calculator will do it all for you.

Use the calculator below!

Coffee Ratio Calculator

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# of Cups Coffee (g) Water (g)
1 18 g 36 g
2 36 g 72 g

This coffee calculator helped me make the perfect brew!

How to Use the Coffee Ratio Calculator

The best way to use this coffee to water ratio calculator is by simply selecting your preferred brewing method. We already have the recommended brewing ratios linked to each brewing type, so once you select that option, you will notice the numbers update to give you the perfect ratio for your brew.

If you want more control over your brew and don’t want to use the standard ratio, you can adjust the numbers yourself. Note, if you add more water the coffee can become diluted and have a very watery taste, if you reduce the amount of water you can get a stronger/thicker coffee. Equally, if you increase the amount of coffee, the caffeine content and strength of the brew will increase, in some cases, this can come overpowering.

There is also the option for selecting different measurements depending on what you are familiar with, for example, you can select ML or Cups. This is useful if you only have specific measuring devices in your kitchen.

To determine the correct coffee ratio for multiple cups, check the table at the bottom. Here you can extend the table to as many cups as you like, useful if you are making a special coffee for the whole family!

What is The Correct Ratio for Coffee?

Each coffee type has a different ‘correct’ ratio. For example, the French Press has a ratio of 1:12 whereas the Moka Pot is 1:10. Each ratio will vary depending on who you ask, however, the ratios in this calculator are the standard and most well-used for coffee making.

Ultimately, the correct ratio for you could be completely different. You should test and experiment with your coffee ratio until you find the perfect balance suited to your taste preferences.

How Much Water Do I Need for 16 Grams of Coffee?

This would depend on the type of coffee you are making. For example, if you were making a French Press coffee, for 16g of coffee you would use 192g of water. The amount of water used is always more than the coffee amount, but you will find that each coffee brewing methods require a different amount.

What is the Golden Ratio for Coffee?

According to the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association), the golden ratio for coffee is 1:18. That means 18 parts water for every 1 part coffee. You can use the golden ratio coffee calculator to identify the perfect amount for each different brew type you want to use.

Best French Press Coffee Ratio

The best French Press coffee ratio is 1:12. This allows just enough water to produce a smooth and full-bodied brew. Using this coffee calculator french press you can identify the best ratio to use. It is worth noting that 1:12 is considered a strong brew for the French press and is better for those who enjoy the notes of the coffee.

If you want a regular cup, we recommend changing the ratio to 1:15 or even 1:18 to make it a little weaker, but still retain enough of the coffee taste. You can of course experiment with different ratios to find the perfect balance for you – we don’t recommend going below 1:12 as the brew can become too bitter and thick.

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Best Cold Brew Coffee Ratio

The ratio of 9:40 is perfect for cold brew coffee – as suggested by Blue Bottle Coffee. Cold brew is much stronger and has a higher ratio, our ratio is tweaked slightly for the optimal tasting brew. Cold brew coffee is very easy to make at home and doesn’t require anything fancy.

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Moka Pot Coffee Ratio

The best Moka Pot coffee ratio is 1:10. Whilst some will recommend a 1:7 ratio, this can be too strong, especially if you don’t brew correctly and over/under extract. 1:10 is a safe bet and will provide the perfect balance between water and coffee.

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Best Aeropress Coffee to Water Ratio

It is actually recommended by Aeropress in their design to use a ratio of 1:6. Although many sources out there now recommend 1:16. This is quite a significant difference, the thing to consider with the Aeropress is that the coffee can actually be weaker than other brewing methods, so using a smaller ratio allows for a stronger brew. However, feel free to adjust with the coffee to water ratio calculator and find the best ratio for you.

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Best Espresso Coffee Ratio

The best expresso coffee ratio is 1:2. The espresso is a much smaller, thicker, and creamier shot of coffee compared to others. Therefore, to get the full strength and flavor from the pull, a very small ratio must be used. Any higher, and you are looking at a Ristretto or a Lungo.

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Best Chemex Coffee to Water Ratio

1:17 is the best Chemex coffee to water ratio. The Chemex uses a pour-over method and more water is required in order to extract the coffee properly. If you use a low water ratio, the coffee could end up very watery.

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Best V60 Coffee Ratio

The coffee ratio of 3:50 or 1:16 is perfect for the V60 and this is recommended by Hario. It is similar to the Chemex and you will find varying ratios out there, so feel free to experiment to identify the best Hario V60 ratio for you.

Best Siphon Coffee Ratio

Similar to the V60, the best ratio for a Siphon coffee is 1:16. This is a general ratio that covers most coffee types but should be adjusted for strength and flavor.

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