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What Is a Bone Dry Cappuccino?

bone dry cappuccino in cup with spoon

New coffee trends are emerging every single week, some are TikTok hacks and some are genuine coffee drinks that may become a part of your daily routine. It would seem that people get bored with regular drinks like the latte and cappuccino, and they have to add new ingredients or ways of making them. That leads us to the bone dry cappuccino.

The name bone dry doesn’t exactly sound appealing, and the final product doesn’t sound appealing either, but everyone has different tastes. So there must be a reason why people enjoy this drink so much. 

A cappuccino drink has 3 different variations, wet cappuccino, dry cappuccino, and bone dry cappuccino. Each one has a different texture and flavor profile. Generally, most baristas are up-to-date with trends and drink variations, so you shouldn’t have any problems ordering this in a coffee shop.

Let’s take a look at what it is and how to make a bone dry cappuccino. You can also check out what is a biscoff latte.

What is a Bone Dry Cappuccino?

A bone dry cappuccino is a variation of a regular cappuccino and is made with a shot of espresso followed by a layer of milk foam on top. The main difference is that this drink doesn’t have any steamed milk.

People can be so creative when it comes to doing the things that they love, and baristas are no strangers to being experimental. The reason behind this is that when milk is added to the espresso, it somehow weakens the espresso flavor. So instead of pouring milk over it, baristas use only milk foam.

So why go through all the milk foaming trouble when people just like the espresso taste and not the milk? Well, one reason is that some people prefer the froth texture and the subtle taste it offers compared to milk.

Another reason why people prefer bone dry is that they believe that the foam actually helps in keeping the drink hotter for a longer period of time. Others say that the milk froth is perfect for latte art. 

Is Bone Dry Coffee Any Good?

A bone dry cappuccino is good for those who don’t like milky coffee and prefer to have more of the coffee notes present. The coffee is only made with an espresso and a layer of foam, so will not have a milky taste.

Whether you would enjoy this coffee entirely depends on your coffee preference and the types of drink you like. If you love drinking your coffee black or prefer the full flavor of espresso, then you’d definitely enjoy drinking it. A bone dry cappuccino has a more bitter taste compared to your regular cappuccino since it does not contain any milk that is supposed to lessen the bitter taste of coffee.

What Does a Bone Dry Cappuccino Taste Like?

A Bone Dry Cappuccino has a strong taste of coffee with a tiny hint of milk. It will be a bitter drink unless mixed with sugar, and would also depend on the types of coffee beans or brands used to make the espresso.

You Can’t Get a Bone Dry Coffee Unless You Ask for It

The art of crafting bone dry coffee is quite interesting and requires a bit more effort. However, most cafés won’t happily suggest a bone dry cappuccino or add it to the menu. This is because coffee shops try to deal with drink orders as quickly as possible and when complex or “different” drink orders come through, it can be challenging for the baristas. 

In order to make 16-ounces of milk froth, your barista would need to prepare 32-ounces of milk. This takes a considerable amount of time and would leave other customers waiting for their drinks. But this shouldn’t deter you from ordering if you really want to try it.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t make the drink for you, you will just have to ask politely. There are hundreds of coffee variations and drinks that can be made which will not appear on coffee shop menus.  

How To Make a Bone Dry Cappuccino at Home

Making a bone dry cappuccino is very simple and requires a shot of espresso and a tool to froth milk. You need to froth a large amount of milk and scoop it on top of the espresso shot.

The key to making a Bone Dry Cappuccino all on your own is that you have to have the right equipment (espresso machine with a steam wand or milk frother) and you have to work on your frothing technique since the drink requires a lot of milk foam. 

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be able to perfect the drink in two or three tries. To help you improve your barista skills, here’s a simple process to make a bone dry coffee. 

  • Caffeine Content: 64 milligrams
  • Calorie Content: 100 calories
  • Brew Time: 45 seconds
  1. When making a bone dry cappuccino, what you need to do first is steam the milk by heating 1 cup of milk over medium heat. Let the warm-up gently until you see bubbles forming around the edges. Once the milk has simmered, remove it from the heat and set it aside.
  2.  The next thing you need to do is to create the milk foam. For the milk foam, use a milk frother or a steam wand to create the perfect foam. Continue frothing until you get a good texture of fluffy froth. Once you’re happy with the foam, set it aside to rest.
  3. While the froth is resting, you then need to prepare the shot of espresso. Remember that in order for you to make a good espresso, you need to have access to an espresso machine where you’ll be able to craft the perfect shot. In case you don’t have an espresso machine at home, you can make use of a French Press.
  4. The final step is where you’re going to add the foam to the espresso to create the perfect bone dry cappuccino. With your cappuccino cup filled with an espresso shot, slowly pour the milk froth over the espresso until you make a fluffy dome on top.

Final Thoughts

The bone dry cappuccino is simply a variation of a regular cappuccino that contains no milk, but more milk foam on top of an espresso. Coffee shops can make this drink, but it would not appear on the menu, you would have to ask specifically. This coffee tastes bitter and strong with a slight addition of milk.

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