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Which Coffee Is Better Maxwell House or Folgers?

folgers vs maxwell house

When it comes to budget coffee brands, two big names come to mind – Maxwell House and Folgers. Although at present, the sales for both brands have been falling, but these two brands are still recognizable names in the coffee industry. That leads us to the ultimate question, which coffee is better Maxwell House or Folgers?

These brands might be easily identified by customers, but only a few people can distinguish one from the other. This is mainly due to the fact that both coffees share a number of similarities. 

If you aren’t already away, both Maxwell House and Folgers are instant coffee. This is usually lower in quality and has a poorer taste than regular ground coffee. See why does instant coffee taste bad.

To fully understand which coffee is better, let’s take a look at the two in-depth. 

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A Background on Maxwell House Coffee

Maxwell House is a product of Kraft Foods, and the brand was introduced way back in 1892. They’ve been the best-selling ground coffee in America for more than 100 years. Folgers on the other hand was introduced much earlier than Maxwell House, which was around 1850. 

In the United States, Maxwell House is a brand of coffee that is marketed as a “household name” because of its popularity. It is not to be confused with the Maxwell House company, which produces food and other items.

The brand started with Roger Nolley Smith and Joel Cheek, who were trying to create the perfect blend of coffee. This started with them supplying samples to the Maxwell House Hotel, after which, the hotel purchased the coffee from them directly.

In 1892, Joel Cheek and his wife Rebecca Cheek were struggling coffee roasters in Nashville, Tennessee. They were so successful in their endeavors that they began distributing their products nationally. The famous slogan “Good to the last drop” was created by famous advertising executive Nesbitt Reeves in the 1920s and quickly became associated with Maxwell House Coffee.

Maxwell House Coffee was actually the primary supplier of instant coffee for US Military.

A Background on Folgers Coffee

Folgers is a product of  The J.M. Smucker Company. The Folgers coffee company was founded in 1850 by William H. Bovee in San Francisco. James Athearn (J.A.) Folger was hired as a carpenter to help Bovee with the mill construction and later became a partner. 

Following this, James Athearn (J.A.) Folger became a full partner, then later bought all the partners out and changed the company name to J.A. Folger & Co. After his death, the company’s ownership was transferred to his son, James A. Folger II. 

Folgers is also a household coffee brand that grew to be one of the largest coffee brands in America after World War II when it created campaigns that were geared toward American housewives. 

It was one of the top coffee brands in the US due to its takeover by Proctor and Gamble from 1963 to 2008. It was then separated into the current ownership of The J.M. Smucker Company. 

Over time, the company’s coffee has become more and more watered down, even though they are still seen as a high-quality brand. They recently had to cut ties with their iconic spokesperson, William Shatner, because he couldn’t help them bring back customers.

Why is Folgers so Popular

Folgers can be considered to be popular due to their affordable products and brand recognition. Because the brand is well-known and has been for many years, some people stick with the brands they know and love. 

For the rest of the customers that find Folgers so popular, they might genuinely enjoy the taste of the coffee and incorporate it into their daily routine.

Why is Maxwell House so Popular

Maxwell House is popular due to it being a household brand name and existing for many centuries in the US. They have a range of coffee products available that are extremely cheap, making it a great choice for low-income households.

The Winner of the Maxwell House Vs. Folger Taste Test Is…

The Maxwell House coffee tastes more like diner coffee. It is darker in color and has a generic instant coffee taste about it. We tried mixing it with sugar to adjust the flavor profile, and this seemed to reduce the bitterness and make the cup slightly more enjoyable. 

Folgers Coffee is a lighter coffee. It has a higher level of acidity and tastes more bitter than Maxwell House. Again, we added sugar to adjust for the bitterness, but we found Folgers didn’t sit right with our flavor profiles. 

Maxwell House coffee has a slightly better aroma than Folgers.

For The Finest Roast, Maxwell House is a better coffee than Folgers.

However, it is worth noting that we enjoy and appreciate freshly ground and brewed coffee, therefore our decision is biased and against all instant coffee. If you have any opinions on instant coffee as a regular drinker, then please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Does Folgers Have More Caffeine Than Maxwell House?

Folgers coffee has 40mg of caffeine per cup, while Maxwell House comes in at 112mg. So in this case, Maxwell House Coffee has more caffeine in it and is a better choice if you want to get your morning boost.

The Final Sip

So which coffee is better, Maxwell House or Folgers? All in all, both Maxwell House and Folgers have their advantages over each other. When it comes to containing more caffeine, Maxwell House is the winner. When it comes to taste, Maxwell House is also our preference.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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One thought on “Which Coffee Is Better Maxwell House or Folgers?
  1. Maxwell House has always been our choice but we’ve noticed that the aroma seems to disappear once the coffee starts brewing. Since the early 1970’s it seems as though Maxwell House has changed in stages. Without the coffee aroma experience, drinking coffee is not pleasurable. P.s. We know that some coffee makers flash burn their coffee to make it smell good for packaging but the aroma is gone once it hits water.

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