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10 Best Coffee Subscriptions in The USA

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Coffee subscriptions in the USA, and even the world, are exploding in popularity. The simple process of paying a monthly fee to have either your favorite coffee or different coffee selections shipped to your door is a popular choice. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. So we have narrowed down the best coffee subscriptions in the USA.

The problem with purchasing coffee from a store is the freshness. It is widely known that strength and flavor are reduced once coffee beans have been roasted, and even more so once they have been ground. That’s why coffee subscriptions are becoming popular, as most companies roast the beans just before they ship them, which means you receive the freshest coffee possible.

There are many benefits of signing up for a coffee subscription package:

  • Easy and simple process, get beans to your doorstep.
  • Can be set up, so you always receive repeat orders before running out.
  • Allows you to try different coffee from around the world.
  • The coffee will be fresh and flavorful.
  • Some companies will include history and info about the coffee/country.
  • They make great gifts for coffee lovers.

Most coffee box subscription services allow you to place a one-time order, so if you really can’t decide, try out different ones and see which one you prefer before committing. Otherwise, you can dive in headfirst and start enjoying the coffee of the world.

Best Coffee Box Subscriptions

1. Trade Coffee Subscription – From $12

Key Features
400+ coffees from the top roasters in the USA
Coffees are handpicked and taste tested
Roasted to order
Matching feature to get the perfect coffee for you
Supports local farmers and sustainability

When it comes to subscription coffee services, Trade is up there at the top. One of the best features of Trade coffee is its coffee quiz. Before you can subscribe to their monthly coffee subscription, they will have you take this quiz in order to match you with the perfect coffee options they have. 

If anything, you can see how much they care about their customers having the best coffee experience by having to do this quiz. Of course, you don’t have to go with these recommendations, you are free to choose. So, if you want a tailored subscription coffee service with many coffee options, then you should consider subscribing to Trade Coffee.

After getting the perfect match for you, then you can move forward and customize your order. This means that you can choose how often you want the coffee delivered to you, the setting, the grind size, and even the kind of coffee you want. 

Trade has about 55 coffee roasters that provide the highest quality of roasted coffee with over 400 coffee choices. They support local farmers and ensure that the coffee is fresh when delivered. 

2. Atlas Coffee Club – From $9

Key Features
Curated coffee from around the world
Postcard and information about the country and coffee
Freshly roasted coffee
Top 1% off coffee in the world used
Rare coffees you won’t find on the shelf

As far as Atlas’ coffee subscription box is concerned, you have the privilege of selecting coffee from around the world with the flavor profile of its country of origin. From Peru, Kenya, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, and Indonesia. 

There are two options for you to choose from, when it comes to how often you want to receive your coffee order, from every 2 weeks to every 4 weeks. You’re guaranteed to get the freshest roast every time you order. 

Each Atlas coffee subscription box comes with the best single-origin coffee, a postcard from a new country, tasting notes, and brewing tips. It’s a great way to learn about the coffee you order and the country where the coffee comes from.

If you are curious to try coffees from different origins and enjoy cultural learning, this is the coffee subscription box for you. They do have individual options, but for this one, we highly recommend getting the subscription.

3. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription – From $18

Key Features
Shipped within 48 hours of roasting
Cold brew kits available
Brewing guides online
Customized subscriptions
Quiz to match coffee to your palette
Has a welcome kit with equipment

Just like Trade Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee’s subscription wants to give you the best-suited coffee to your palette. That is why they offer a coffee quiz you can take to help you find out which coffee roast and blend is best for your taste. Although they have the coffee quiz to help you find the best match of coffee, you have to choose which coffee you want to subscribe to. 

The coffee subscriptions of Blue Bottle are highly recommended for coffee connoisseurs who already know what they want, but that shouldn’t put you off ordering. Even if you are a first-timer, the quiz will help you decide on the best coffee, if not, you can still try it and see. 

You can choose which coffee type you’d like to subscribe to from a single origin assortment, blend assortment, New Orleans iced kit, and espresso assortment. Blue Bottle coffee also provides cold brew coffee items and decaf coffee, covering all the coffee creations you can make. 

Read more about Blue Bottle coffee here.

4. Driftaway Coffee Subscription – From $12

Key Features
Focused on sustainability
Sends sample coffees to try with a scoring/feedback system for your future orders
Coffee tasting party kits available to purchase
Range of options available including individual bags
They support small and local farmers
Single-origin coffees roasted every Sunday

Driftaway Coffee is a very unique coffee subscription service and deserves a place on the best coffee subscriptions list. They are highly focused on providing excellent coffee, environmental awareness, and sustainability. The co-founders created everything from the beginning including designing the labels and packaging to learning the roasting process.

Driftaway Coffee’s first subscription starts with a coffee explorer kit consisting of four different coffee profiles. This way, you have first-hand experience in choosing the flavor profile you like best. 

The next thing that you need to do is rate each coffee that came with the explorer kit. When you already have your taste profile, Driftaway then sends you coffee that matches your coffee profile. Slightly different from taking a quiz, but we think it’s better to try the coffee first and see if you like it.

Driftaway Coffee is committed to helping small coffee farmers, and they are transparent with their pricing and purchase rates of the coffee. They are also known for their eco-friendly and 100% compostable packaging. For now, they only have f5 bean options. 

They have a selection of single-origin coffees for you in the subscription pack, you can shop for individual bags, and you can also purchase coffee subscription gifts too. 

That’s not to mention the Instagram tasting sessions and private tasting parties they have available for you to order. These are not to be missed if you have a group of friends that love coffee.

5. Angels’ Cup Coffee – From $8.99

Key Features
Always sourcing new coffees and roasters
Has blind tasting kits
Offers coffee flights (Small amounts of multiple coffees)
Gift options available
Has a purpose built app for taste measuring

The Black Box is one of the most interesting features of Angel Cup’s blind tasting. It consists of four coffee samples with only the roast date and a number. This way, you’re not in any way influenced by any other information but just by the flavor profile each coffee has. 

They provide an app that lets you record the flavor profile and compare your notes with the Angel Cup community. You can personalize your preference by the roast, grind size, delivery frequency, and payment option. Aside from the Black Box, you can also choose All-Stars and Cupping Flight. 

There are continuously sourcing new coffees and roasters to provide the best coffee experience and also taste and test the coffees. Angels’ Cup states that “The coffees that we choose rival fine wines in complexity.” So you can see that they care about the coffee they are providing customers.

Angels’ Cup was included in the best coffee subscriptions list for their blind tasting features!

6. Bean Box Coffee Subscription – From $16.50

Key Features
Coffee tested by world expert
Sources in small batches from microlots
Freshly roasted for shipping
Has gift options available
A good variety of coffee

Bean Box offers a subscription coffee service that starts at $16.50. You can start the subscription by either choosing the Coffee Tasting Subscription Plan or the Coffee Bag Subscription Plan. You have 8 roast preferences to choose from, you either pick the All Roast and let Bean Box curators choose the roast for you or you can get the traditional light to dark roast.  

Bean Box is committed to providing the freshest and highest quality of beans so you can enjoy the most flavorful and aromatic coffee cup. They boast award winning roasters and access to world’s best artisan coffee. They even have a world coffee expert, Maryna Gray, who tries the coffee to make sure it is worthy.

You can also discover popular coffee gifts and even corporate gifts with Bean Box. The order process is simple, there is one page display to choose your roast, grind, and coffee, then you order and have your coffee. 

7. MistoBox Coffee Subscription – From $10.95

Key Features
Artisan roasters, roasted fresh
Options to order through Alexa
They can recommend a coffee or you can choose
Get matched with a coffee curator to help with coffee decisions
Range of coffees and types avaialble

With the MistoBox coffee subscription box, you can choose a coffee depending on your preference with a choice of over 500+ coffees from 52 coffee roasters. The coffee subscription starts at $10.95, and it comes with a personalized coffee bag selection that makes up to 24 cups of joe. 

Choose to manage your subscription with the Brew Queue or with Alexa. MistoBox provides only the highest quality coffee that specializes in single-origin Arabica beans. Their coffee is roasted by artisan coffee roasters and shipped fresh for order.

8. Peet’s Coffee Subscription – From $16/mo.

Key Features
Inspiring history behind the brand
Many different series of coffee available
Freshly roasted for shipping
Tiered discounts for repeat orders and free shipping
Cancel anytime
Amazing coffee choices

Peet’s Coffee is probably one of the most common coffee options you can see on grocery store shelves. If you’re looking for a company with history and knowledge, this is your choice. Peet’s was envisioned by Alfred Peet back in the 1930s, who learned from his father. The first store was then opened in 1966 and following inspiring history, we have the coffee subscription service today. (Find out more about Peets history here).

Peet’s subscription coffee service starts at $16 with the Peet’s classic signature blend series. They offer free shipping and up to 10% off on their products. The subscription lets you choose between your coffee preference through their Frequent Brewer Subscription or if you’re more of the adventurous type, choose from their Curated Subscriptions. 

You have a range of options to choose from including the Small Batch Series, Single Origin Series, Signature Blend Series, Carbon Neutral Series, and the Frequent Brewer options. Each one has different features, and you will be spoiled for choice.

Further personalize your order by choosing how much you’re going to order, the delivery frequency, and the grind size. Every coffee delivered is guaranteed to be fresh, just like every coffee box subscription. 

9. Crema Co. Coffee Subscription – From $13

Key Features
Quiz to match your coffee style
Also focuses on cream & sugar to determine your recommendations
Over 450 coffees available
Has a premium top shelf selection available after 10 orders
Roasted fresh for delivery

Just like some of the other coffee subscription boxes, Crema Co. will need you to take the coffee quiz to find the best coffee match for you. The coffee quiz will first ask you what kind of brew method you prefer, then which roast level you fancy whether it’s a light roast, medium roast, or dark roast. 

You then have to figure out how adventurous you are when it comes to expanding your coffee horizons. Crema Co. needs to know if you also add cream and sugar to the blend for them to determine which coffee would best suit you. 

The next question is the notes of the coffee, choose from fruity, chocolatey, sweet, or floral and the hints of either peanuts, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or almonds. Most people prefer their coffee to be less acidic, but with Crema Co., you can choose the acidity level from none acidic to highly acidic.

Crema has a range of coffee types available for every brew method and sources over 450 coffees from different locations. You can also order sample coffee kits and after 10 orders, get access to “The Top Shelf” which will no doubt include premium range coffees.

10. Craft Coffee Subscription – From $11.99

Key Features
Price match promise
Freshly roasted
Recommendations based on your favorite roaster or coffee
Good price

For coffee lovers who are looking for freshly roasted coffee beans then Craft Coffee is highly recommended. They guarantee to match the price that you might pay at the grocery store, all you need to do is tell them which coffee you mostly buy so they can recommend a better blend. 

You can enter some details to get recommendations for coffee, which even includes your favorite roaster or coffee, you just enter the details and will be recommended a coffee, based on that. You can still choose your coffee individually but there are slightly fewer available options than other coffee box subscriptions on the list.

Key Take Away

Our top pick for the best coffee subscription in the USA would be Peets Coffee, closely followed by Bean Box. We like the taste of both coffees from these companies but the history behind Peets is what won us over. Atlas is also another amazing choice for worldwide coffees and history.

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