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What Is The Delter Coffee Press?

Many coffee enthusiasts are constantly on the hunt for new developments. This may mean a new roastery, a new style of coffee bean, or a new brewing method. The Delter Coffee Press is here to bring another innovative brewing device that brings an exciting new way of brewing coffee with a high-quality cup of joe at the end of it. Many confuse this device with the Aeropress as it is very similar, but there are distinct differences that we will cover in this article.

What Is The Delter Coffee Press?

Comparable to the Aeropress, the Delter Press is very similar but instead uses an injection extraction method. It still uses filters and comes in a cylindrical shape, with a plunger, which is the reason many can confuse it for the Aeropress.

The components of the Delter Coffee Press are fairly simple. There is a brew chamber for holding the coffee grounds, which also features a cap to secure the grounds and the signature Jet Seal. The brew chamber holds approximately 25g of coffee grounds. The Jet Seal completely separates the coffee and water until the plunger is pressed and water is forced through the seal. This eliminates any unintended contact between water and coffee and gives the user more control over the brewing process. 

The Delter Press also features a plunger with another ring-shaped seal, or Y-gasket, that fits over the plunger and into the brew chamber. Additionally, there is a combination component that works as a scoop and cap. The underside can be used as a measuring scoop for coffee grounds, but it fits over the hole at the top of the plunger during brewing. This helps prevent any water or heat from escaping during brewing, while also protecting the user’s hand from the heat of the water. 

The Delter Coffee Press also uses filters that fit into the brew chamber cap. User’s have the option of using disposable paper filters or reusable metal filters that can be purchased from the company or third-party sellers. 

Visually, the Delter Coffee Press may resemble some other brewing devices, mainly the AeroPress, but it is important to recognize that this is an entirely different brewing method. While AeroPress brewing may be categorized as an infusion brewing method, the Delter Coffee Press uses an injection method. This injection method relies on percolation since the coffee grounds only briefly contact the water as it is pressed. The Delter Coffee Press offers incredible control and consistency of brewing and a great-tasting cup of coffee at the end. 

How Does the Delter Coffee Press Work?

The steps for using the Delter Coffee Press are fairly straightforward. First, it is important to note that the plunger should be fully fitted inside the brew chamber to begin the process. Unlike other methods that use the plunger after the water has been added, the unique design of the Delter Press has the plunger fully inserted in the chamber before brewing begins. 

A medium-fine grind, leaning toward fine, is probably the best for the Delter Press. A medium, pre-ground coffee will also work, but the final product may be slightly lower in quality. As far as recipes are concerned, fairly universal coffee and water ratios can be used for the Delter Press. About 12g of ground coffee should be used for 200ml of water. If putting water up to the top fill line of the press, about 14g of coffee would be necessary. 

Once the coffee is ground, it should be placed in the brewing chamber while the brewing chamber is upside down. Next, put a filter in the chamber cap. If using paper filters, the filter should be lightly wetted before putting the cap on the brew chamber. 

After the filter is properly inserted, the cap can be placed on the brew chamber. Then, the entire Delter Press is flipped and placed over the cup, carafe, or another drinking/storage vessel. The Delter Press should then be filled with the desired amount of hot water. There are measurement lines on the side of the press for accurate control of water levels. Be sure to place the cap over the plunger to avoid loss of heat or hand injuries from hot water. 

After this, the brewing process begins. The water is pulled into the brew chamber by lifting up the plunger. First, pull about 50ml of water into the chamber and slowly push down the plunger. This begins the brewing process by pre-infusing the grounds. This is similar to other methods that require the user to wet and “bloom” the coffee grounds. 

It is recommended to wait around 30 seconds before progressing further. After that, the rest of the water can be pulled into the brew chamber and pressed slowly through the grounds by pushing down on the plunger. This can be completed all at once, or in smaller increments of water. Slowly pressing the plunger sends a highly controlled amount of water into the grounds due to the Jet Seal. The Jet Seal allows smaller streams of water through at varying angles, ensuring that the entirety of the coffee grounds contact the water. 

For larger amounts of coffee, additional hot water can be added to the press, and the process can be repeated.  For cleaning, turn the Delter press back over and unscrew the cap. Empty the grounds from the chamber, but be careful of any residual hot water in the press. Give all of the components a good rinse, especially the seals.

Delter Coffee Press Review

The first and most important thing to point out is that the Delter Coffee Press does indeed brew a good cup of coffee. The taste is similar to other percolated coffees, but the Delter Press produces a coffee with more clarity and less bitterness than many other methods. 

The drinking experience is clean and smooth. The quality of the coffee is mostly due to the technology of injection brewing and Jet Seal. By eliminating unintended agitation and dripping, and evenly distributing the water, the brewed coffee is incredibly light and smooth. The product itself is very convenient. It is a pretty small and simple device, making it easy to use, clean, store, and travel with. 

Many coffee drinkers will notice the apparent similarities between the Delter Coffee Press and AeroPress products. This comparison is where some drawbacks to the Delter Press can be observed. First, the Delter Coffee Press is slightly more expensive than most AeroPress products, although the price difference is not extreme.

Additionally, some of the components appear to be a little less simple and sturdy than other products, including the plunger cap/scoop and the ring-shaped seal, or Y-gasket, that fits on the plunger. Both components seem to fall off or twist fairly easily, which causes some concern in regard to the durability of these components.

Also, the brewing process is fundamentally different when using the Delter Coffee Press. The Jet Seal technology uses a type of controlled percolation, as opposed to infusion methods. AeroPress users attempting to use the Delter Press in the same way and expecting the same results may be disappointed.

While component durability and price are valid concerns, other negative feedback for the Delter Press seems a bit unfair. It is a unique brewing method, even if it appears to be similar to others, and comparing them is most likely a mistake. Even if users prefer the simplicity or components of other products, the Delter Coffee Press brews a much cleaner cup of coffee than almost any other method. 

Treating the Delter Coffee Press individually and appreciating the specific benefits of this brewing system will leave most coffee drinkers satisfied, and with a tasty cup of coffee in their hands. 

The Final Sip

The Delter Coffee Press will of course segment into its own audience of coffee fanatics, we don’t see it becoming as popular as the Aeropress, however, it still provides a great alternative brewing method and something new to try for those who love to experiment with their coffee drinking experience.

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