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Why Is Aeropress Coffee So Good?

Aeropress coffee is a relatively new type of coffee that has been gaining popularity in the United States. It has since spread around the world, becoming a popular choice for everyday coffee drinkers. Not only is the device inexpensive (around $30), it is also easy to make and clean. But why is Aeropress coffee so good? 

In 2005, inventor Alan Adler invented the Aeropress as a way to make great-tasting coffee without needing electricity or expensive equipment. He had been experimenting with ways to make espresso-like coffee using his hand pump espresso maker and thought that if he compressed the grounds more than usual, he could produce a similar effect to an espresso maker. The invention was made out of necessity and curiosity and it turned out to be incredibly simple and efficient for making rich, flavorful cups of coffee on the go.

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Why Is Aeropress Coffee So Good?

The Aeropress is an ideal option for those who want to make a quick, yet a tasty cup of coffee. It is especially popular among coffee enthusiasts. The Aeropress is also popular among travelers because it can be taken anywhere and used with any kind of water.

The Aeropress has many benefits including the fact that it can brew a single cup of coffee in under a minute. It also produces less acidity than other methods which means that your drink will taste smoother and richer.

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The Taste

There is a mixed opinion on the taste of Aeropress coffee for regular coffee drinkers. Some find it too weak, but some enjoy it that way. The Aeropress is designed to use pressure and ‘plunge’ within a minute, this doesn’t give enough time for the coffee to extract, hence giving you a weaker flavor. 

You can of course leave the coffee in there for longer, but that’s not the purpose of this device. The taste also depends on the type of coffee beans/grounds you use, so if you think it might be the coffee, try some variations until you find one you like.

The Texture

Our opinion and every person we have spoken to about the Aeropress has said it is “much smoother than other coffees”. The device does a great job of producing a smooth coffee without sediments, unlike the French Press. 

The Strength

This is the only downside of the Aeropress – Although it may be seen as an upside to some, which is why we still included it! 

Aeropress coffee is much weaker than other brewing methods. As mentioned already, the coffee is brewed a lot faster and doesn’t allow the grounds to steep long enough to get a strong flavor.

The Acidity

Aeropress actually states that their coffee has a lower acidity content, although you can adjust this depending on your preference. The longer you steep the grounds in the water, the stronger the acidity of the coffee. As the Aeropress is designed to plunge quicker and brew faster, you get a coffee that’s lower in acidity.

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How to Make a Perfect Cup of Aeropress Coffee

The Aeropress is a simple device that makes a perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute. The process only requires hot water and ground coffee.

The process starts by adding hot water to the chamber and stirring in the ground coffee. Next, add more water until it reaches the “Fill to” line on top of the chamber (1/3 full). Put the plunger upside down onto the chamber and push down until you hear a hissing sound (this will help heat your coffee). Wait about 30 seconds, then flip over and press down firmly on the plunger to finish brewing your cup of coffee.

What Do You Need for a Successful Cup of Aeropress

The most important things you need is the Aeropress itself, ground coffee, and Aeropress filter papers. You can purchase this all in the kit itself, except for the coffee, and then you’re good to go.

The Final Sip

So why is Aeropress coffee so good? For many, the reason this coffee is so good is it’s smoother, has less acidity, easy to clean, affordable, and doesn’t take long to brew. For some coffee fanatics, the Aeropress is too weak.

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