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What is Maca Coffee for Men?

Maca coffee for men is one of the latest trends to hit the coffee world, but the funny thing is, it isn’t actually coffee! It is actually a supplement (Maca root) that is roasted to give the flavor of coffee. Nevertheless, with a heap of health benefits, could this be the next replacement for your morning cup of joe?

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What is Maca

Maca (Lepidium meyenii ) is a root that’s grown in the Andean mountains of Peru. It’s been used for centuries by the Inca people to increase fertility, improve sexual performance, and enhance physical strength. It has been shown to have a positive effect on men’s hormones. It can help boost energy, testosterone levels, and stamina levels.

It is said that the Andean people have been cultivating for over 2,000 years. Andean people have been using Maca as food either consuming it as a fermented drink or porridge. They also use Maca to treat different health conditions such as rheumatic diseases and respiratory conditions.

The benefits of Maca are many and they are widespread. It can be taken in pill form or it can be brewed into a coffee or tea drink that is delicious and nutritious!

What is Maca Coffee

Maca coffee is a ‘supplement’ made from roasting the Maca root. It usually comes in powder form and is manufactured to taste like coffee, it is not actually a coffee.

It is a great replacement for those who want to drink a natural supplement and stop consuming coffee. You get the great taste of coffee without the caffeine and a range of natural benefits.

Maca coffee is generally made by adding hot water, but as a supplement, it can be added to protein shakes and smoothies if you prefer. 

Maca coffee is not a brand, it is in fact produced by multiple brands, so you might find some you like and some you don’t. For example, you can purchase Maca coffee powder here. Or on Amazon

As a popular item in South America, you will find Maca Coffee more commercially available in the USA. Companies will adjust the blends of the Maca powder, where you will find unsweetened and sweetened versions. They may also roast (the Maca root) differently, producing an entirely different flavor.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Maca Coffee?

Maca, a root vegetable grown in Peru and Bolivia, is rich in proteins and minerals. It has been used as a food since the 16th century and is rich in proteins and minerals.

1. Maca can help improve libido or sexual desires in men.

The main use of Maca is as an aphrodisiac for men. It can be eaten raw or cooked as well as mixed with other foods like smoothies or desserts. 

2. Maca can help improve fertility in men. 

Some men who have low sperm count can take advantage of Maca. It has been consumed for centuries to help increase fertility and improve sexual performance in men. 

A study done in 2020 measured the effects of Maca in 69 men who were diagnosed to have low sperm count. In the study, some of the men were given 2 grams of Maca per day and the rest were given a placebo. Those that took Maca have been found to have significant improvement in their sperm count compared to the men who were given a placebo.

Although the evidence seems promising, the research done is still limited, and hence consuming Maca for the purpose of improving fertility in men should still be done with caution. 

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3. Maca can help relieve menopause symptoms. 

Menopause is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens to people who menstruate. When one is in the menopausal state, this means she can no longer get a period. 

Although menopause is natural and it happens to all people who menstruate, some symptoms of menopause can be very unpleasant like hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, vaginal dryness. 

There is limited evidence as to the benefits of Maca in relieving symptoms of menopause but some studies suggest that Maca has positive effects on symptoms of menopause. 

4. Reduces Erectile Dysfunction

As with most health benefits of supplements, some can be loosely based on small sample studies. There was some research into the benefits of Maca, and one of them concluded that there was a reduction in erectile dysfunction in the test.

5. Improves mood

Maca contains flavonoids which is a common component linked to the reduction of anxiety and improvement of mood. Therefore having a Maca coffee as a replacement for your regular coffee, could eliminate the anxiety that caffeine causes, so you might want to consider a switch.

6. Boosts energy

This is again, another small study that has shown Maca to improve energy and performance. This probably wouldn’t be noticeable to the everyday gym-goer, but it would be noticeable to athletes who want to perform a little better.

7. Fights free radicals

Maca root contains antioxidants. Free radicals attack and damage cells in the body which can lead to cancer. antioxidants help to get rid of free radicals. So this is another benefit of consuming Maca coffee.

Where Does Maca Come From?

Maca is a Peruvian plant that is a part of the Brassicaceae family cultivated for more than 2000 years. The plant grows in the central Andes between 4000 and 4500 m altitude. 

This is where the plant and root come from, however, Maca Coffee will likely come from somewhere local to you in the USA. That is because the root is roasted and prepared into the coffee powder for consumers, with the main market being in the USA.

How to Drink Maca Coffee and Its Various Ways of Preparation

Maca is a plant with many health benefits, and its coffee is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It can be prepared in various ways.

One of the most popular ways to drink Maca coffee is with butter or coconut oil. Another way to drink it is by mixing it with other herbs like ginger or cinnamon. Maca can also be mixed with honey or maple syrup for a sweeter taste.

Maca has an earthy flavor that some people might find strange at first, but after drinking it for some time, they will find that they enjoy the taste of Maca coffee more than they used to.

Is Maca Coffee Safe to Drink?

Maca coffee is generally safe to drink, however, it is a supplement and these supplements can have effects on the body. It is always worth consulting with a health professional before adding supplements to your diet.

What Does Maca Coffee Taste Like?

If you drink unsweetened Maca coffee with no additives, then you will get an earthy taste. For most people, this isn’t nice to drink and they add various sweeteners. We recommend adding a natural sweetener like honey.

However, there are various companies that will add flavors to the Maca coffee so you get different tastes. This would be different depending on which one you order, but if you are going for an organic supplement, make sure these flavored versions use natural ingredients.

The Final Sip

So, What is Maca Coffee for men? It is a powdered supplement made from the Maca root that is roasted to give the flavor of coffee. It is not actually a coffee, has an earthy taste, and can be purchased online from many different companies. There are numerous related health benefits when drinking this natural product. 

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