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28 Types of Coffee & What They Are

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Coffee culture has risen to an electrifying era where more and more people are drinking coffee and trying different types of coffee. When you dive deeper into the coffee world, it can get a bit overwhelming, especially with the long list of coffee drinks available. This isn’t even including coffee hacks and different variations on recipes that appear on TikTok and social media. 

You might already be familiar with popular types of coffee such as the Latte and Cappuccino, but we guarantee that there are some on this list that you have never heard of. Now, just because these are standard coffee drinks, it doesn’t mean they will taste the same all over the world.

Different cafés/restaurants might brew the coffee differently, make it with different beans, and use different kinds of milk. So you might get a different flavor profile on the same type of coffee in different locations.

28 Types of Coffee


An Americano is a shot of espresso blended with water to dilute the espresso strength. Some people likened Americano to regular brewed coffee since both of them look identical, but they are two different drinks. While brewed coffee is made from brewing coffee grounds with water, Americano is blended from a shot or two of espresso and water. 

The Americano started when American soldiers who were stationed in Italy during World War II craved coffee but did not like the taste of espresso, which was a common coffee drink in Italy.

What the soldiers did was dilute the espresso in water in order to recreate their favorite drip coffee back home. 

Americano offers an intense coffee note with a nutty and earthy flavor.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is simply a regular brewed coffee with no other ingredients added. Black coffee not only offers the real flavor of the coffee bean used, but it’s also considered as one of the healthiest coffee drinks since the caffeine contained in coffee is full of antioxidants.

For some, drinking black coffee straight up can be a challenge, that’s why they will add some milk, sugar, or creamer.


An espresso-based coffee drink that is blended with steamed milk topped with milk foam, the Cappuccino is a type of coffee that was created in Italy. There are usually two shots of espresso used in making a cappuccino but if you’re not fond of that strong caffeine kick, you can always use just one shot. 

Cappuccino offers a slightly bitter taste with a creamy and fairly sweet note from the milk. 

Dry Cappuccino

A dry cappuccino is another variation of the regular cappuccino. The only difference is, it is made with less milk than a regular one. This is where the name dry cappuccino came from.

Bone Dry Cappuccino

A slightly stranger variation, the bone dry cappuccino has no milk at all. You will have the coffee layer and then a layer of foam. 

What is a bone dry cappuccino?

Wet Cappuccino

You may have already guessed, the wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than a regular cappuccino. It also has less foam on top. A good option if you like a milky coffee, although, you might as well go for a flat white or latte.


An Espresso is defined by the way it is prepared. The coffee drink is brewed under pressure by forcing water through finely grounded coffee beans. Espresso contains more caffeine compared to other coffee drinks.

Espresso offers a syrupy texture with a bold taste, it is usually served as a shot.


What is a Latte? A Latte, also known as café latte, is another espresso-based coffee drink with steamed milk. The term caffe latte came from the Italian term Caffe e latte, which literally means coffee and milk.

A latte primarily is served in a larger cup compared to a cappuccino, and it has a milder coffee and more milk proportion.

For those people who prefer their coffee sweet and milky, then latte is the perfect drink. It offers a very creamy and sweet taste. 


Macchiato is an espresso coffee drink with a tiny amount of milk added to the center of the cup. The term macchiato means “stained” which is why the literal translation for Caffe macchiato is stained coffee because of the small “stain” of milk you see added to the espresso. 

The reason for the milk “stain” is to give the drink a little bit of sweetness without overpowering the espresso flavor. 

Decaf Coffee

Regular coffee contains caffeine, and some people may not want the effects that come with consuming caffeine. That’s where decaf coffee can help. During the harvesting process, most of the caffeine is washed out, and only small amounts remain, not enough to affect you. 

This type of coffee is a popular choice for those that get the jitters, have anxiety, or cannot sleep, but still want to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Café au Lait

A combination of coffee and steamed milk, similar to a latte. This is actually a French variation that translates to coffee with milk.

Although, the term is popular in various countries around the world, especially fancy coffee shops.

Irish Coffee

The perfect dessert coffee for late in the evening. Irish coffee is a mixture of whiskey, black coffee, and sugar. It has a sweet taste with one heck of a kick. Different restaurants/bars around the world will make this drink in a different way and use different whiskey.

We have encountered some places that pour a shot of whiskey into instant black coffee and others that bring a full science experiment to your table. 

Flat White

A popular coffee drink for those in Australia, the flat white is much smoother and very similar to a latte. The coffee is made with steamed milk and espresso, just like the latte, but there is a higher amount of espresso and a lack of microfoam on top. 


Think of an espresso, but thicker and darker. It is created in the same way as an espresso but only half the amount of water is used. It will taste stronger and be a much darker shot of coffee than usual. 


Another variation of the espresso, the Lungo is an espresso shot that is poured for longer than a regular shot. This allows more coffee flavors to be extracted from the drink.


The Affogato was created in Italy and literally translates to “drowned”. It is usually a couple of scoops of ice cream with 1-2 espresso shots on top. The ice cream then melts in the cup, like it is drowning, hence the name. 

This type of coffee is a popular dessert coffee to enjoy, especially when you are walking the streets of Italy.


Another popular Italian word that translates to “double”. The Doppio is a double shot of espresso. There is nothing more to it, it’s just an extra coffee boost for those who need it on a Monday morning.

Long Black

The long black is another popular coffee in Australia and is similar to an Americano. The difference is, the long black is made using less water. It involves adding a Ristretto shot to hot water and generally has a more intense flavor profile due to the extraction process.


The Vienna combines 1 or 2 espresso shots with whipped cream on top. The cream then slowly dissolves into the coffee, and you will have a smooth and sweet drink. Another coffee that is recommended for dessert.


With the cortado coffee, you get a balance between espresso and milk. Unlike the other coffee drinks with milk, a cortado has only a thin layer of foam. A cortado is traditionally served in small glasses, and it offers a perfect balance between coffee and milk. 

The name cortado came from the Spanish word “cortar” which means “to cut.” Cortado is termed as such since the milk added to the espresso is meant to cut through it. 

Red Eye Coffee

Red Eye Coffee is one of the strongest coffee drinks, it consists of a drip coffee with a shot of espresso. It is so strong that when you drink it, you might be staying up all night which then gives you a “red-eye”. 

Aside from being a strong cup, this type of coffee offers a full-bodied cup with a smooth aftertaste. 

Black Eye

The next step up from the Red Eye coffee is the Black Eye. It’s very simple, just add 2 shots of espresso to your existing coffee and give yourself a huge caffeine boost.

It’s common to drink this when staying up late studying or when you are feeling exhausted in the morning. 

Check out what is a black eye coffee?

Dead Eye

If the Black Eye isn’t enough for you, the Dead Eye coffee will be. Make your regular coffee and add 3 shots of espresso to it. You are likely to consume all your daily caffeine content in one go, so be mindful of that if you drink 5-10 cups a day!

The taste isn’t a focus of this coffee, it’s more about how much caffeine can you get into one drink.

Cold Brew Coffee

One of the reasons why most coffee lovers prefer cold brew coffee versus regular brewed coffee is that it is less acidic, all thanks to how the coffee is extracted. In order to draw out the coffee, you need time instead of hot water for the process. 

The general rule to make cold brew coffee is 1-part coffee and 3 parts water, but depending on how strong you want your cup to be, you can always alter the portions.

Cold brew coffee offers a smoother taste with bold flavors and the secret to making the perfect cold brew is the type of coffee bean used. 

Other Coffee Types

Turkish Coffee 

Turkish Coffee is a process of how coffee is prepared, and it has begun in the Middle East and European countries. The way Turkish Coffee is made is by using a very fine coffee bean almost powder-like. 

Turkish Coffee offers an intensely dark flavor and a rich froth. Now because Turkish Coffee is not filtered during the brewing process, you’re going to get different textures when you take a sip. You start with a frothy cup and end up with grittier coffee after the last sip. 

The way to drink Turkish Coffee is to slowly sip it in order to properly experience it. 


The popular iced coffee slushed drink that black coffee lovers despise. These drinks are usually coffee mixed with ice, syrups, chocolate, ice cream, cream, and whatever else can fit in the cup. You will find them on the menu at popular chains such as Starbucks and McDonald’s. 

The Frappe is more like a dessert drink than a coffee drink.

Nitro Brew

A relatively new player to the coffee game, think of beer meets coffee (no alcohol involved). The nitro brew is basically cold brew coffee that is poured through a tap (like beer) and infused with Nitrogen. 

It is cold, refreshing, and really creamy. It also looks like a Guinness. 


Have you ever heard of this coffee before? 

The Mazagran is a mixture of tea, iced coffee, and rum. The thought of it isn’t exactly appealing, but the mixture actually works and produces a very sweet tasting coffee or tea… We aren’t sure which one it counts as.

The Final Sip

As you can see, there are many coffee types to choose from, whether you make them at home or order at a café. If you enjoy the taste of coffee and enjoy different beans, then black coffee is the one for you. If you don’t like strong coffee, anything milk-based would likely suit your needs.

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