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Is Iced Coffee Illegal in Canada?

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You’ve probably heard of the rumor in which iced coffee is being marked as illegal in Canada, which may seem ridiculous and too extreme. Who in their right mind would ban a drink loved by many people around the world? This rumor surfaced from a TikTok video claiming the banning of iced coffee in Canada, but you should know by now not to believe everything you see on TikTok.  

Iced coffee has surged in popularity in recent years. There are thousands of recipes out there, major companies like Starbucks are creating them, and coffee shops are even serving them. There is no denying that combining coffee with milk and sweet flavors is tasty and addicting, so why would anyone want to ban it?

Let’s find out.

The Story Behind the Controversy

It turns out that TikTok is as equally controversial as it is entertaining. TikTok content creators are free to do anything on the app from sharing hacks, doing dance challenges, to telling facts. There are some life hacks from TikTok that are surprisingly effective and interesting, but most are, in fact, nonsense.

Much like what happened recently where one TikTok user, Taylor Jackson, claimed that Canada has banned the iced coffee drink. In his TikTok video, he explained that Canada sources the majority of coffee from Brazil, Guatemala, and Columbia. In 2007,  a trade deal with the Christian Labor Association of Canada was signed. 

Taylor said that it was actually the coffee beans that were used in the iced coffee that has become so expensive that the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, concluded that it’s best to ban the drink altogether. The decision was allegedly made due to coffee beans being an unwarranted expense. So does that actually mean iced coffee is illegal in Canada?

Is Iced Coffee Illegal in Canada?

Iced coffee is illegal in Canada, and Canadians are only allowed to order and drink hot coffee. If you think that this rumor of Canada making iced coffee illegal is absurd, then yes, it definitely is way too excessive of a claim and certainly not true. This just goes to show how TikTok users are recognizing how naïve and easily deceived they can be, especially when it comes to hacks and informational videos. 

People who are curious and questioning the credibility of the claim even took to Reddit to confirm if the rumor is true. One Reddit user commented, “No, Iced Coffee is not illegal in Canada. It’s just another rumor, my friends just asked me because they saw it on TikTok”. Two Reddit users sarcastically replied, “It’s a trick. Ordered it about a year ago because I thought the ban lifted but instead got a scolding and threat of law enforcement. Not a pleasant day” and “Yes, they’ve thrown me in prison for iced coffee-related crimes many times. But I won’t stop fighting.

There is one thing to consider here, just because this story isn’t true, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. There are many circumstances that could render coffee illegal in certain states or countries. Although it is never likely to happen, it’s still worth thinking about. 

To reinforce the point that iced coffee is not illegal in Canada, check out the online grocery store Metro for iced coffees. Here you find a selection of iced coffees from Starbucks, Nescafé, and other brands. Proving that you can purchase iced coffee in Canada. 

On that note, why don’t you take a look at these iced coffee recipes too.

Key Take-Away

With all things considered, it’s definitely smart not to believe everything that you see or hear not only on TikTok but the internet in general. Unless it comes from a credible source. Now that you know the truth that iced coffee is certainly not illegal in Canada, you don’t have to worry about not being able to order your favorite iced coffee on your next trip!

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