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Barista Warrior Review | Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

The Barista Warrior pour-over coffee maker is a high-quality and affordable coffee brewing device that can be ordered directly from their website or on Amazon. Providing all the tools that are reusable and high-quality, coffee drinkers can enjoy fresh and tasty pour-over coffee every day without the need for extra filters or an excess of tools.

In this Barista Warrior Pour Over review, we will be looking at how to use the brewing device, the taste, the quality, and our overall independent opinion.

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Initial Comments from the reviewer:

I recently tried the Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Set as my first venture into at-home pour-over coffee. Personally, I had been a fan of the French Press and Aeropress as preferred methods of at-home coffee brewing.

While both methods are still part of my weekly coffee repertoire, Barista Warrior has helped pour over coffee and take over my brewing habits. With a quality product that produces great-tasting coffee, the Pour Over Coffee Maker Set is an easy-to-use and essential product for fans of at-home brewing. 

What is the Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set?

The Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set has all the tools necessary for a great cup of pour-over coffee. Included in the set are a large, 7-cup capacity glass carafe, a reusable drip coffee filter, and a coffee scoop. The product offers the convenience of only needing to make one purchase to have all of the equipment necessary for pour-over brewing.

The stainless-steel reusable filter is a highlight for any coffee drinker that is also mindful of the environmental impact of their brewing methods. The sturdy, glass coffee carafe includes measurement markers on the side, making it easy to keep track of how much coffee is actually being brewed. Along with a stylish, wood-handled coffee scoop, this is a complete set for any new or experienced fans of pour-over coffee. 

How Do You Use It?

Using the Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set is incredibly easy. First, the reusable, steel coffee filter fits over the top of the glass coffee carafe. The directions included with the set suggest running the filter under hot water to help preheat it before brewing, but I have frequently skipped this step without impacting the quality of the brewed coffee. 

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Next, just add your coffee. The best coffee grind for pour-over methods is a medium, or medium-coarse grind. Make sure that the coffee is not too finely ground or the flow of water through the coffee and filter will become clogged and slow-moving. Personally, I use a grind between medium and coarse. For coffee drinkers that do not own a grinder for at-home brewing, the medium grind associated with most pre-ground coffees is suitable. 

Once the water has boiled and come up to temperature, it is time to begin the pouring process. It is best to let the water rest for about 30 seconds after boiling to ensure that the coffee is not scorched by overly hot water. While some drinkers may want to use a thermometer to ensure perfect water temperature, I find that waiting for roughly 30 seconds produces acceptable temperatures. 

A little water should be poured over the coffee to begin the release of oils and flavors. Often referred to as the ‘coffee bloom‘.

Once the water has been absorbed for about another 30 seconds, the pour-over process can really begin. The hot water should be slowly poured over the coffee. Pour in a circular motion, starting with the outside walls of the filter and moving towards the center of the filter and coffee grounds. Ideally, this should be done with a gooseneck kettle, in order to control the pour and flow better.

Keep repeating this step until the desired amount of coffee has been brewed and collected in the carafe. Drink the coffee black or add a favorite creamer or sweetener! 

Here is a quick list of items you may need:

Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set Review

For myself, I have found the Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set to be a great product and addition to my brewing equipment. All of the components are high-quality, resulting in a great-tasting coffee. Based on previous experiences with online purchases, I always worry about the quality of glass products, such as the carafe in this set.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the carafe felt delicate and strong at the same time. It does not feel like a product that will break after a few uses, but rather something that will produce quality coffee for quite a long time. The reusable filter is also a great product. It holds up well and has not stained or warped after numerous uses.

I have even placed both components in the dishwasher, and neither the carafe nor the filter has shown any signs of damage or deterioration. The included, wooden-handled coffee scoop is a great addition to the set. 

As for the final product, this pour over set brews an incredibly tasty cup of coffee. It is incredibly light and smooth, without losing any of the rich coffee flavors. The filter does not allow any sediment or sludge to fall through into the carafe, so the entire batch can be drunk without worrying about a thick, final sip.

I think this is honestly my favorite cup of coffee for at-home drinking, and I have been using the set almost daily since receiving it. Barista Warrior has definitely converted me into preferring pour-over for my everyday coffee use.

Whether you are looking to try out pour-over coffee, or you are an experienced brewer looking to replace some old equipment, this is a quality set for a great-tasting coffee. 

The Final Sip

As you can see the Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker Set is a high-quality product and should be an essential addition to any coffee fanatics collection. For such as high-quality product, the price is very affordable, and could become your new go-to brewing device at home. Do you have any thoughts on this pour-over coffee maker?

This Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker review has been independently tested by Kyle from The Finest Roast team.

The Finest Roast was sent this product to review independently. In no way was this review or opinion influenced by the company or any other parties. All content is the sole opinion and review of the reviewer mentioned at the top of this article.

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